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Unpretty: An Unloved Ones Prequel

Unpretty: An Unloved Ones Prequel - Kevin Richey This was a good short story which introduces one of the characters that will be featured in the Unloved Ones books.

In this prequel we meet Katherine, aka: Kathy, who is unhappy with herself and her body. She is extremely overweight, at around 270 pounds in the first chapter. Katherine makes a birthday wish that she can become thin and he wish comes true...along with other things that happen to her. And being thin is not all its cracked up to be.

I like Katherine. I feel bad for her because she is so unhappy about her weight. Just her whole outlook on life it so sad. As she becomes thin she is still herself, the outside of her changes but her personality doesn't. When she becomes thin, she does want to show off her new body. I don't blame her for that because who wouldn't want to show off if you'd been fat your whole life? Katherine also finds out things about her past and her mother's past but she takes it in stride.

The ending was a cliffhanger and so far, just based on this prequel alone, I can't wait for the actual series.

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