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The Wicked Within (Darkness Becomes Her)

The Wicked Within - Kelly Keaton This was a great conclusion to a trilogy. While there were some things I didn't like, overall it was a good read.

The story picks off where book 2 left off. Sebastian is a vampire now, Violet is back, Ari still kicks ass and Athena is injured but still alive. This book is told in 2 povs: Ari's and Sebastian's. Basically this book is about finding the Hands of Zeus which was turned into stone along with Athena's child. Athena offers to life Ari's curse if Ari can bring her the Hands and turn her baby back from stone. A new god is introduced as well and kick ass.

There is a new character in the book, The River Witch who is very suspicious about his allegiances. He gives Ari a cryptic message about "both gods coming", but she only knows about Athena. The river witch creeped the hell outta me but he is very powerful and helps out in the final battle.

Sebastian is being very secretive with Ari and is having a hard time dealing with his new cravings for blood. He hates feeding because of the frenzy it puts him in and we see him dealing with his new powers during his POV. He has become very powerful.

Ari has to deal with Sebastian being secretive and she hates it. She has to find the Hands of Zeus and still has to break her curse. Adding to that, her father is back in her life and she takes time out to get to know him. They form a bond and promise to be there for each other and to back each other in the fight against Athena. It was very touching and I liked how her father fit right into her life and the story line without it being awkward. Needless to say Ari has her plate full.

I really liked how the god are in the story and they are not restricted to Greek gods. In the final battle we see gods, demigods, vampires, witches, shifters and all kinds of mythological creatures battling. The ending was action packed and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I was afraid of who would be killed and the suspense killed me. It was a great bloody battle, of which I am a fan of.

There were a few things that bothered me but it wasn't like they ruined the story for me. One is that Athena is defeated by Ari so easily its not realistic. Athena has been the bane of Ari's existence, all powerful and beat the shit out of Ari. She won almost every battle and hurt a lot of the characters in the book. Hell she killed almost all of the Olympian gods. And Ari defeats her in under a minute? I don't think so. It was so anti-climatic. I hated Athena in the previous books but you soften to her near the end because she had gone through so much and she lost her baby, which is terrible. It doesn't excuse what she had done for her entire existence but you do feel sorry for her, at least a little. I also didn't like how nice and neat everything ended. It was unrealistic. Everything was tied up in a nice little bow. Everyone forgives everyone and its all peachy keen. Like I said it wasn't a bad ending. I'm glad some characters got what they wanted and deserved but it was unrealistic to me.

Other than that, a great read.