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My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Book 1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent I liked this book. It was interesting to read a book about a being that's not a vampire, werewolf or shapeshifter. I like the whole banshee and reaper mythology that was created in this book. It was interesting to read about each being's abilities and skills.

I liked Kaylee well enough. She's not my favorite character but I could relate to her and her feelings. I like how she took the information that she was a banshee in stride and how she dealt with being able to predict people's death. I probably would have dealt with it as well as her. I also liked her inner strength when she would hold her screaming back as much as she could even though it caused her physical pain. When she held back the scream, it caused her sever head and chest pain as well as tearing pain in her throat. I don't think I would have been able to hold the scream in that long in that much pain.

Nash was ok. He wasn't anything special for me. I like how caring he was with Kaylee and how he helped her with holding back her screaming. Even the very first time he talked to her in the club and she was holding back the scream, instead of running away from her, he stayed with her and helped her through her "panic attack" (this was before she knew she was a banshee). He was a great source of comfort for Kaylee and it was clear that he would be there for her no matter what Turns out Nash is a male banshee and he tells Kaylee what she is. That being said, I like Tod the reaper better. Hes sarcastic, funny and sneaky. His personality just clicked better with me than Nash's. I like how he also cares about Kaylee which become evident in some scenes from the book. I'd rather have Kaylee in a relationship with Tod than with Nash (even though Tod is dead.)

I really like Emma, Kaylee's best friend. She knew about Kaylee's panic attacks (not the real cause) and she helps her with them. Emma automatically knows when Kaylee is beginning to have a panic attack and she immediately stops what shes doing, no matter what it is, and goes to Kaylee to help. She takes Kaylee away from the source of the panic attack and takes care of her, no questions asked. Even when Kaylee reveals that she knows when people are going to die, Emma stays by her side, believes her and helps her without asking for any explanations. That's a true friend and I hope we see Emma in the future books of the series, without having her fade in the background which usually happens in paranormal books.

The plot was interesting. While this book focused on Kaylee finding out what she was and her abilities, it also included a mystery that was another focus of the book. Young girls are dying without any reason or any real cause of death. The girls just collapse dead. Kaylee becomes involved because she predicts 2 of the deaths with her banshee abilities. After she finds out that she is a banshee, she investigates the mysterious deaths with the help of Nash and Tod the reaper. Its very interesting to see how this part of the plot. There's a lot of action that takes place later on in the book.

I know this review is very vague and its missing a lot of information but I don't want to give away any parts of the book. I suggest anyone who wants to know more to read the book. Its worth it and I recommend it.

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