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Flu - Wayne Simmons This book was good. This book is an adult book which is unusual for me to read. I thought it was a y.a but after reading the first chapter, I realized it was an adult book.

The cover is terrifying and I can't look at to long or I get really creeped out.

The book is basically about a zombie apocalypse. The flu is how the zombies started rising. A sneeze here and cough here and it was enough to quarantine a person in their house or apartment. And when I say quarantine, I mean that the police force lock you in the house and put a huge metal sheets over your windows and door and weld it shut so you can't get out. The flu in this book is an airborn contagion so anyone can catch it. After a person dies horribly from the flu they reanimate and become zombies. The book focus on a few survivors of the apocalypse as well as whatever military personnel are left. And just FYI this book is set in Northern Ireland and uses some words/slang that I guess Irish people know but I didn't. I still got the jist anyway.

There were a number of characters in the book but for the most part there were many chapters dealing with 3 particular survivors. They are Lark, Geri and McFall. Lark is a tattooed pierced loose cannon who likes to drink, can be cocky but is also a nice guy. McFall is the guy who is bunked with Lark. He was a taxi driver and is terrified of leaving the house they're staying in. He also always wears a balaclava (a ski mask with a large hole for the eyes and covers the entire head and mouth) for protection against the flu so we don't really know what he looks like. Geri is a rich girl who finds her way to the house with Lark and McFall. They end up meeting two cops Norman and George. Norman is a large cop whose kinda mean at times. He doesn't take no bullshit from anyone and is great with his rifle. George is a more by the book cop who is thinner than Norman but can hold his own. In another city in Norther Ireland we have Pat and Karen who are staying in a complex of flats. Pat is an older man who was an IRA operative and he has taken Karen under his wing and protects her. Pat is a tough guy who assesses ever situation and thinks before he acts. Karen is a church girl who is very delicate in the beginning but hardens due to their situation. Next over in a military complex we have Jackson who is a retired major who was called back to a base to be in charge. With him is a nasty SOB named Gallagher.

I really liked Lark. He was crazy and funny. He took chances with the dead by going out to get supplies and things. He was ok with a gun but had big balls when it came to outrunning the dead. He felt that he had to protect Geri and he did his best to. He was an ass a lot of the time but he was also a good guy and showed his softer side when somethings got rough. I also really liked Pat. He was like a father figure who would do what was necessary to survive and protect Karen. He didn't rush into thing or was rash- he planned things out and executed them according to his plan. He planned and thought about consequences and did what he thought would keep them safe.

I really didn't like Geri. She was a rich whiny b**** who didn't do anything and wanted to be catered to. There were plenty of times that she left Lark to deal with shooting the dead while she stayed in the car or the house not doing a damn thing. She let others risk their lives for her. I would of thrown her sorry ass out of my house. Hey its survival of the fittest and she was definitely NOT the fittest. I found myself either really getting mad at what she was doing or not caring because she was an idiot or, and this was for the most part, wishing she would get eaten by the zombies. Karen was another good for nothing that I didn't like. She whined all the time about being cooped up in one of the flats while Pat was doing all the WORK protecting her and gathering supplies from the other flats. She annoyed me too with all her whining. She should of been fed to the zombies also.

The rest of the characters were alright. I liked the two cops well enough. I found myself not really caring about Jackson and his part in the story was small. I hated Gallagher. To me he was a psychopath who got away with all his experiments and brutality because he was a military doctor and was doing horrible torturous things "for the greater good" as he put it. Another one who should of been fed to the zombies.

There was some action in the book but a lot of it was talking and the characters reflecting on their lives and the things they've done/seen. The book was gory but not overly so. It was kind of like a tame episode of the walking dead. There were some nasty descriptions of the zombies and how they're heads exploded when they were shot. One thing that kind of bothered me was that one part of the zombie mythology seemed like it copied the zombie mythology of the tv show The Walking Dead. In this book the people turned in to zombies after they caught the flu. But later on in the story we find out that any person who dies naturally or bu the flu, reanimate anyway and become zombies. So it doesn't matter if your shot or you die in your sleep you;ll still be a zombie. This concept is in the Walking Dead show. In the show the zombie virus is inside every human and it activates after death. I just felt that was weird that the book had the same mythology as the show which I think came out before the book. It could also just be a coincidence but I find it weird.

Another thing I didn't really like about the book was the amount of cursing and vulgar language. Now I'm no prude and I have a mouth that can rival a sailor, but for me there was way to much cursing in this book. I mean yes, if I lived in the world that the survivors lived in you can bet that some nasty word will come out of my mouth but not for every little thing. I am ok with cursing in a book because lets face it sometimes a situation calls for swear words and it it appropriate in some situations. But when cursing in a book is put there just for the sake of cursing, I think that its dumb and overdone. I found that to be the case with this book. There are numerous F bombs, C bombs (both for the male appendage and the nasty word that some people call women) and S bombs that could make your head spin. After awhile it just became annoying to read them, even when they were used in an appropriate situation.

Anyway I want to say one last thing about the book. This book grabs you in and keeps you in with the first chapter alone. I don't think I have read a better action gripping FIRST chapter EVER and I read A LOT of books. After reading the first chapter, I kept going because I wanted to find out what happens, its that good. I guarantee that the first chapters will suck readers in and that is always a good thing when it comes to books. While the book was boring at some points it did keep my attention and kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen.

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