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The Lost Sun: Book 1 of United States of Asgard

The Lost Sun - Tessa Gratton This book was surprisingly good. I mean there are a few things that I didn't like but I liked the book.

I love mythology fiction and that was no different with this book. I liked reading about the Norse gods and goddesses and the various myths that are told throughout the book. I love that Baldur, the sun god was in the book and was such a down to earth and loyal friend to Soren and Astrid. I also loved that Fenris Wolf was in the book and she told her story of what really happened to her. I wished the actual gods would of played a bigger role in the book (aside from Baldur) instead of just appearing in the end. I really enjoyed the journey that Astrid, Baldur, Soren and Vider went on. I liked the inclusion of trolls and elfs and seers.

I liked Soren well enough. He is brave and very loyal to his friends. He starts out the book being scared of his berserking power and isolating himself from everyone because he is scared of hurting people. By the end of the book he is confident in his berseking and has gained lifetime friends and found a love. I have to say the way he was described was sexy. He apparently is really tall, with muscles and a tattoo, which I love even if its on his face. I liked reading the book from his perspective but I didn't really connect with him. His fear and complaining about his berserking all the time got old and annoying. All he wanted was to get rid of his berserking that is constantly in his chest but then by the end he wants to keep the frenzy and can control it. Yeah ok. I feel for him though with what happened with his father. That was sad. His home life and past is not delved into much and I would have wanted to learn all about his father and mother.

Astrid was eh for me as well. She was kind of annoying with her seething and her mysterious prophecy, dreams and readings. I just have no patience for all the guessing and answers that are not really answers. Just give it to me straight and forget all that mumbo jumbo and "if". I liked when she fought the guy in the holmring and won.

The character I really liked was Baldur. He was just so nice and funny. He was a great friend to Soren and I loved how he always wanted to sunbathe. He cared for Soren and Astrid. Even though he was a god he sparred with Soren and taught Vider punch and defense moves. He was very trusting in Soren to protect him and to take him where he needed to be. He was just an all round good guy.

Once again insta love was present and kind of annoyed me. I mean Soren was so scared of his berserking that he isolated himself from everyone and had to use every minute of the day controlling his frenzy. BUT his self-imposed rules went straight out the window when he met Astrid. He wanted to be around her even though he was afraid of the frenzy inside him. BUT that doesn't stop him from being around her. All it does is make him complain more. While the insta love tore at me, I did like the romance between them. The subtle gestures that show they liked each other, their little fights, how Soren was always there to protect her was sweet. Its just the falling in love instantly that drives me crazy! The only way insta love can work is in romance books where its to be expected.

While I liked the world that the book took place in, I didn't like that nothing was said about it. Was the world always like that, so heavily influenced with Norse mythology and gods? Was it like our world now and then changed? Did the Norse gods take over? I mean the world is called the United States of Asgard, with basically the same state names but with different spellings (the same thing for the days of the week). Was it ever The United States of America or has it always been The United States of Asgard? Also I didn't really like how everyone was the son or daughter of a certain god with their features and personalities. Its like there is no individuality~ They're all like the gods.

The things I didn't like didn't out-weigh what I did like or my enjoyment in reading the book. I will continue the series even though the ending of this book seemed like an ending.

I just found it hilarious when in a book a reason is shown for why the book should have been written at all. In the book Baldur doesn't remember he is a god~ Soren has to take him somewhere to get his immortality and memories. Astrid asks Baldur something along the lines, "Why didn't you call Odin to come and get you?" and Baldur tells her that he didn't remember that. My thing is, well he can call on Odin now to come and get him making the entire book unnecessary. lol

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