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Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf - Heather Davis Awesome book. The book was an easy light read. There was not a lot of heavy werewolf lore which I liked. There was also not any insta-love in the book which was a great break from that. Shelby actually had second thoughts about Austin (the werewolf) and in the end of the book they really liked each other, not love (yet). I also liked how Shelby and Austin interacted with each other- you can tell there was mutual attraction but I liked how they didn't kiss or were making out in every page. The first time they kiss is on the second to last page of the book which I thought was a perfect ending.

Throughout the story you could see Shelby growing as a character. Instead of making rash stupid decisions that caused her parents to send her to the camp, throughout the book we see her thinking more about what she should do and choose accordingly (especially when it came to Austin).

I also liked Austin's character. He wasn't like the typical bad boy. He was senstitve, caring and kind. His British accent wasn't bad either. I liked how he saved Shelby in his wolf form and it was sweet that he chose to go to her new camp to be with her.

One thing I wonder about is the rash/scratch on Shelby's arm at the end of the story. The rash/scratch wouldn't go away or heal. Not much was said about it and I guess the author left the interpretation of it up to the reader. You could think it was a just a scratch or a scratch that will change Shelby into a werewolf. I choose the werewolf scratch lol!