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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer I enjoyed reading this book. I have to thank my two younger cousins for introducing and basically forcing me to read it. When I finally agreed to read the book, one of my other cousins and my sister told me that if I liked the book then they were going to read it too.

I love vampires and since the book was about vampires, I decided to give it a try. I absolutely fell in love with Edward Cullen's character. I liked Bella in the books but I did not like how she is obsessed with Edward and that he is all that matters in her life. Its kind of pathetic and make you think of how her life is that she only wants Edward to love her. Nevertheless I enjoyed the love story and how they fell for each other.

However there were some things in the book that bothered me. The main things were how the author changed everything about vampires. I mean I know that every author changes things about concepts or creatures but there are some things that make vampires what they are and it shouldn't be changed to the extent it was in this book.

The first thing that I think is stupid is how the vampires in this book shimmer or whatever in the sun. The whole vampires can't go out in the daytime or they'll burst into flames is a new concept that came out in the 70's but many authors, t.v shows and movies have come to use that notion about the sun. In old vampire lore, vampires can come out during the day without being burned or killed by the sun. The only thing that happened is that their powers (like speed and strength) were severely diminished. They certainly didn't shimmer like diamonds.

There is a funny scene in the tv show The vampire Diaries where one of the vampire brothers, Damon is in a girl's (Caroline) room. He is on her bed reading Twilight. His comments about the shimmering in the sun are hilarious. Caroline asks Damon "How come you don't shimmer in the sun like Edward?" He answered "Because I like in the real world, where I'll burst into flames if I go near the sun." (He also goes on to mention how Edward is totally whipped with made me laugh like crazy).

The other thing was how the vampires in this book don't have fangs when they are feeding. I read somewhere that the other said that she didn't have her vampires have fangs because she doesn't understand why they need them to feed. So I guess the vampires in the book bite people with their regular teeth then. I just don't understand how something like that can be changed since the first thing most people think about when they hear the word vampire is fangs and blood drinking.

Anyway after reading this book, I decided that I liked it and i recommended it to my sister and cousin who love it too. I went on to read the rest of the saga but I found that I really liked Twilight and Breaking Dawn the best. I thought New Moon and Eclipse were ok. I did not like Jacob at all even though I like werewolves. I just can't get over how he keeps on trying to get Bella even though he knows she's in a relationship with Edward and loves him more than anything. It seems kinds skeevish to me. I'm team Edward all the way!!!!