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Tiger's Destiny (Book 4 in the Tiger's Curse Series)

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck Wow. That was the first word that came out of my head after I finished this book. Be prepared people there will be MAJOR SPOILERS as I gripe and praise this book.

I really don't know where to begin. I have to admit the ending of the book made me tear n cry a little and I NEVER CRY at movies or books. I have been told many times by my annoying sister that my heart is made of ice lol. Well if she coulda seen me tearing at this book, she'd have nothing to say.

First of all Mr. Kadam DIES. WTF is this. I was so unprepared for this and I was so upset. I loved that man. He is one of my favorite characters and then he just goes and gets killed off. Why? The man spent centuries helping Ren and Kishan with their curse and helping Kelsey to break it. They are finally at the last leg of their journey and the poor man can't even see it to its end. There is no reason he had to die. Houck coulda wrote his part in the book differently so he could live. There is no excuse for this. Although I did like the chapters that were dedicated to his funeral. He wasn't just brushed aside as a secondary character usually is and that was wonderful. The man deserved a few chapters dedicated to him.

For the love of God, authors need to stop this love triangle shit. I hate love triangles because some one is always left in the dust to settle for someone else since they can't have the person they really love. I love Kishan but he did not have to be in loved with Kelsey too. I mean for crying out loud Kelsey compares him and his love to a comfortable pair of sneaker. Here is what she says while kissing Kishan:
"Kissing him back and loving him was as easy as slipping into a comfortable pair of sneakers. There was no golden fire. There was no powerful jolt of passion."
I read that part to my boyfriend and he said "She loves him but its boring!"
I mean poor Kishan. I felt bad for him because Kelsey is only with him because she won't allow herself to be with Ren. What does that say about him? or her? She's leading him on for 2 books, when we all know she's destined to be with Ren. Houck could have done so much more with him. I liked him and Durga together but that "love", if you want to call it that, should have been cultivated from the beginning, not thrown in at the end as a fix it bandaid so Ren and Kelsey could be together. Kishan deserved more than he got in the series.

Ren. There's nothing I can say about Ren. I love him and would of been all over that if I could jump into a book. lol. He's just awesome and his love for Kelsey is so pure. It was terrible to see her kick him in the heart over and over while she was with Kishan who she kick in the heart as well. Don't get me wrong I like Kelsey but she doesn't deserve either brother after all she's put them through. I wish they both would of said "F*** this and F*** you Kelsey". I guess I just don't like the fact that she hurts both brothers and still gets the happily ever after she want. ehh. anywhoo I love Ren and I died a little inside when Lokesh killed him (even though it was temporary). If my sister didn't tell me that Kelsey ends up with Ren, before I read the book, I would of thrown it against the wall and refuse to read the rest of it.

Now about Kelsey. I like her when we're not dealing with her love life. She sacrifices herself for the people she loves and she fights for the right reasons. I love the fact that she gets hurt because that makes the whole story more believable. I love that she's not some superhuman girl with extraordinary powers. She's just an ordinary girl among shape-shifters and magical creatures but she can still hold her own against them. Her love life made me sick tho. The way she strung Kishan along was horrible. She even accepted his proposal of marriage WHILE she was looking at Ren come out of the beach ocean and thinking naughty thoughts about him. Come on now. Its clear she doesn't love Kishan like she loves Ren and through out the whole book she keeps thinking about and pining over Ren while she keeps trying to convince herself that being with Kishan is good for her. Its like please bitch, you have to stop a DEMON and all your thinking about is which boy you should date? Priorities. I wanted to slap the shit outta her when she climbs on Ren's back as Durga when he's a tiger and they are completely connected and she feels all this feelings for her and she realizes that he is the one she loves and wants. I could of told her that. Way to make her realize that wayyy at the end of the book and right before a battle where either one of them could be killed, which Ren is killed. Of course when he's dead, does she realize she wants to be with him and he's the true love of her hlife. Its like way to go Kelsey, realized that now that he's dead. Stupid.

The ending pissed me off. WTF was that that they had to leave Kishan in the past with Durga because she needed a tiger. F*** her man. I never knew how much I loved Kishan until he agreed to stay with Durga. I didn't want him to stay. I didn't want him with Kelsey but I wanted him to have a happy ending. That bullshit letter from him that Ren and Kelsey got when they went back to the future did nothing to sooth my anger. In the letter Kishan writes to them to tell them that he and Durga eventually fell in love, married and had a family and while he still loved Kelsey he learned to live without her and kept a piece of her in his heart. Can we say forced marriage? While Houck seemed to think that this will satisfy her fans, it didn't. It was pure bullshit. The part where Ren and Kelsey had to say goodbye to Kishan killed me a little inside. It was here that I teared up. It was heartbreaking when Kishan had to say goodbye to Kelsey but I felt more devastated when Kishan Had to say goodbye to Ren:
"Ren clasped Kishan's arm in his and said with a quiver in his voice,
"Yours in life, Kishan".
"Yours in death, Dhiren," Kishan finished.
At that moment is when the tears started. They continued when Kelsey heard Kishan say, as she was jumping through the vortex "Good-bye bilauta". The dam broke free and tears where running down my face. I'm getting chocked up writing about it right now. Damn Houck for separating Kishan like that.

I loved then ending of the book when Ren and Kelsey got married. Their wedding was sweet and I loved their vows to each others. As usual Ren's vows were more loving and more heartfelt than Kelsey's. I'm happy with this ending~ I always wanted Ren and Kelsey to be together from the beginning.

I loved the mythology in the book and all the creatures as well. I love the Phoenix and I was so sad to read that they only live for one day. I like how the Phoenix knew what was in Kelsey's heart and made her realize that she needs to live each day like its her last and to do what makes her happy or life is not worth living. What a wise bird.....I need to get me one of those. I also like the Rakshasa even though they are "bad". I guess its because I love vampires and they are the closest thing to a vampire in these books. I love the fight between Kelsey and Desecration, the vampire queen.

The fight between Kishan, Ren and the twin Lords of the flame brothers was epic. It was awesome to read about all the martial arts moves and the use of the different weapons. The part I loved the best was that Kelsey was the one to defeat the brothers, not Kishan and Ren. She used the powers that some of Durga's gifts gave her and saved them all.

The fire city under the volcano was cool. I liked the fire trees and how they liked Kelsey. It was cute.

I gotta admit I was confused when the trio time traveled to the past and met Anamika, who would become Durga. That part confused me because I though Durga was a goddess who was alive already, not one who had to be made. And it was weird because Anamika was not as loving or nice as Durga was when Kelsey went to her temples. Anamika seemed unsure of herself and not at all confident as you'd think a goddess might be. And I still don't get how she becomes Durga. I mean all she did was used the scarf to turn her into Durga for the battle but she didn't keep her eight arms all the time. One of the myths of Durga's birth was that she was born when she killed the demon Mahishasur who happened to be Lokesh. However, Durga didn't defeat Lokesh, Kelsey did while she was in Durga's form. It just seems that Durga was very weak in this book and that portrayal is hard to accept, especially when we've seen how Durga is in the other books when Kelsey visits her temple. Also Kelsey defeated Lokesh, not Durga, so how is Durga born then? It so confusing. Some of this whole mess about Durga doesn't coincide with what we learned earlier in the book. Whatever, All I know is that Durga does come into being and Kishan stays with her to become her tiger, Damon.

I loved the battle scene where Kelsey is Durga and she rides Ren, as a tiger, into battle. The way the scene is described is brilliant. Ren and Kelsey fight as one, with descriptions of how Kelsey uses the weapons of Durga, how she is able to fight in close combat and how Ren rips demons apart in his tiger form. And man, I hate Lokesh but you gotta admit, the dude is pretty powerful. It seems like they can't kill this guy. And the real Durga was of no help because she was under Lokesh's spell and went to attack Kelsey on the battlefield. I was so happy when Kelsey killed him but I gotta admit I was a little disappointed. I thought Lokesh's death would be a grand event but it really wasn't. He killed Ren, which there are no words for. I would have liked it better if Ren, Kishan and Kelsey combined their forces/powers to kill Lokesh together. After all, Lokesh tortured the brothers a lot longer than Kelsey. He made the brother lives miserable for centuries. I kinda feel like they were cheated when they deserved to kill Lokesh the most. Oh well.

Anyway, this is a great end to a great series. I know there is supposed to be another book, Tiger's Dream, but I can't fathom what it will be about since this book wrapped up so nicely. I just feel like another book would bring the whole series down. If anything happens to f*** up what happened in this book, I will be extremely pissed. So Houck, think about what you are doing.

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