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Nevermore - Kelly Creagh My all time favorite book. I absolutely love everything about it. I like how Isobel is a popular girl with morals which is shown when she helps Varen clean up the ice cream store he works at.

I enjoyed the love story between Varen and Isoble. When Isobel was first paired with Varen for an english project she was horrified. I like how over time they got to know each other and bond over Poe like when Isobel went to Varen's house. I also like how she called Varen on being a jerk and just like the popular people when he wouldn't acknowledge her when she went to sit with him at lunch. It shows that all people can be mean, not just bullies.

I can't describe the feeling i felt when Isobel and Varen kissed. It was like a feeling of happiness and "finally" when it happened. I was waiting for them to acknowledge their feelings for each other and that kiss was the way to do it.

I have to admit that near the end starting from where Isobel and Varen give their presentation, the book went ape shit and I had a hard time following it. The only problem I had with Isobel was when she took what Reynolds words at face value when he told her that Varen was ok and would get out of his dream world. I though that there she was being very stupid. I know that if that was the person I love there was no way I'd leave that world unless that person was standing next to me and holding my hand. Hell i'd make them go to the real world first before me so I's know they'd actually be there. But i do understand that this was done to segue into the next book.

This book also have other significant meaning for me. While I was reading thing book in late October to Early Novemeber, my father was fighting cancer. He was dignosed with lung cancer in september. When he was home he would lay in his bed and either me, my mom or my sister would sit with him because he didn't want to be alone. So for a few days I sat with him for hours on end while he slept and read this book. I was there for my dad when he needed me most. My father passed away on November 4th, 2010. I finished this book after his funeral. So whenever I see or read this book, I will think of my dad and the time we spent together before his death. I miss my father very much and I absolutely love him and this book. It has a very special meaning for me.

9/18/12- I just finished re-reading Nevermore. This book is still my all time favorite book. I just wanted to say that, after re-reading the book, the last chapters where Isobel is in the dream world is understandable and not confusing at all. I think that when someone reads this book for the first time, there are so many things going on and so many things to process that the chapters dealing with the dream world seem like one big confusing blur. But when re-reading the book, the reader already knows what to expect and the writing becomes more clearer and is easy to understand.

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