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Juliet Immortal

Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay This book was good. I liked how the author expanded the characters of Romeo and Juliet.
I liked Juliet's character, even though she hates Romeo. I like how she works hard to ensure that soulmates are together and saving them from Romeo (who in this book is the villan). I also like how after seven hundred years she fell in love again (although it would have been better if she fell for Romeo again) with someone else. I like the ending where she ends up back in Verona during her time, a day after she married Romeo and took to the posion to fake her own death. The fact that Ben (her new love she met in the present) is there too is sweet. He ends up being Romeo's cousin during Juliet's time and they end up together, while Romeo ran away with another girl. I dont like how Ben doesn't remember her from the future but I guess we cant get everything we want (even though I still think Romeo and Juliet should have someway somehow ended up together). I still liked the ending though.

I liked Romeo's character as well. I liked how even though he had been evil in his afterlife, he still loves Juliet and regrets what he's done to both of them. His character growth shows in the end when he says that he hopes the boy Juliet fell in love with is with her where ever she is. Even though he still loves Juliet he hopes she is happy and he tried to free her from the life they've been living even though it means he will be punished for eternity.

The next book is obviously about Romeo and how he will tried to redeem himself. At the end of Juliet Immortal he is sent back into Dylans body and has the task of making Ariel fall in love with him. Even though I already kinda can predict what will happen I will still read the book.

Im betting that Ariel is the girl Romeo ran away with at the end of Juliet's story. We'll see...