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The Demon Catchers of Milan (Demon Catchers of Milan - Trilogy)

The Demon Catchers of Milan - Kat Beyer I really liked this book although I had a difficult time reading it. I would put the book down to go do other things and I wasn't very excited to pick it back up. However once I did pick it back up, it totally engrossed me and it was really really good.

I haven't read a Paranormal book that has to do with demon possessions in it. Thinking about that now, I find that very strange since I'm kinda known as the queen of paranormal books. Any-who, I really liked the whole idea of demon catchers and the methods the demon catchers in this book use. I liked how the demon catchers are a close knit family and they all work together to do exorcisms. Usually three people do an exorcism, using the book, bell and candle. The other members of the family either help the take the other family members who are not demon catchers home or help control the scene when a possession happens in public. I like how the demon catchers in the family alternate between each other when doing exorcisms. The same family members don't all an exorcism every time with the exception of Giuliano and Emilio.

I liked the whole scene of Milan, Italy. I'm half Italian (not from Milan) and I've been to Italy before and I absolutely love it. If I could I would move there. Reading about the city of Milan and how things worked in the city was awesome. The food and the culture reminded me of when I was in Italy. and the men! Whoa baby!

I liked Mia's character. I liked how she went from a scared mousy little girl to a brave, confident woman (teen really lol) at the end of the book. I liked how she demanded to be taught the trade regardless of whether the demon will ever possess her again or not. The only thing I find a little creepy about her is her crush on Emilio which is her cousin. Its ok for the readers to crush on him b/c for one hes not real and for two he's not related to the reader. But cousin on cousin crushing? Ehhhh. Sometime during the book I was actually rooting for Emilio and Mia to get together- UNTIL I remembered that they were related.

All in all I really enjoyed the book. I think that I may have had alot of stuff to do for work which caused me to keep putting the book down- this is the type of book that I could of finished in a day.

I also do hope that there will be a sequel because so many things are left unanswered. Like how do the tools the demon catchers use actually work? How did the family come into the trade and who made the methods? Who and what happened to Giuliano's brother? What happen to Mia's grandpa to make him leave Italy? Whats with the people in Mia's room and who were they? Why does the demon want revenge especially on Mia? I can see this book easily turning into a good trilogy- one that I would love to continue!

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