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Fallen - Lauren Kate I liked this book alot. I enjoyed the concept of evil fallen angels and good fallen angels. I like how this author defines her angels as good or evil/bad. I have to admit that while I liked Daniel, I totally fell for Cam. I dont know what it is about me but usually in every book i go for the bad boy. I liked how the story unravels and how in the beginning it seems as if Daniel hates Luce even thought he truely loves her. I enjoyed how she did go out with Cam and almost kissed him even though Daniel is the one she really wants. You can see the love triangle slowly evolving.

I also liked the character of Pen "Pennyweather" and how even though her back story is sad she is still a great person. I was sooo damn angry when she was killed. I wanted to kill that b**** who killed her and I hope she dies a slow and painful death in the future books in the series.

The ending was wild when all hell broke loose and Luce finally realizes that Daniel is an angel and the battle that occurs.

All in all it was a good book