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Princess of the Silver Woods (Twelve Dancing Princesses)

Princess of the Silver Woods - Jessica Day George This book was ok. It wasn't really anything like I expected and I just couldn't really get that into it. I think it was because I didn't read the other books in the series. I didn't know that the series was a continuation from the first book in the series. I thought each book was about a different fairy tale (like the "Once Upon a time" series).

I did like Petunia's character. She was spunky. I really liked how she knew how to shoot a gun and how to use weapons. She could take care of herself and that is not usually seen in a princess character. She kinda reminds me of Merida from the Disney movie Brave. I really liked her whole red cloak thing that gave a reminiscence of Little Red Riding Hood. I liked how she stood up to the King Under Stone and his brothers with attitude and hate at being forced to be in their kingdom. I loved the way she snapped her fingers and Kestilan followed her like a puppy. He had no backbone whatsoever. Although I did feel bad for the princes and they didn't seem like such bad guys to me~ that's probably because I haven't read the other books to see how bad they really are.

I liked Oliver's character too and the fact that he was a bandit. His circumstances were unfortunate but he pulled through and did what he had to to ensure his own survival and the survival of his people. I liked how he would do anything the protect Petunia and that he was willing to sacrifice him self to ensure her and her sister's safety. I'm glad he survived and got his girl in the end.

I liked the whole mythology and world building in the book. The way the Kingdom Under Stone was described was good and it gave me a real feel of how dismal and rotting the whole place was. Some parts I didn't understand, I guess because they were explained in the other books.

I also really liked Galena and Rose for some reason even though they were not in the book much (I'm given to understand that they are the main characters in the first book which I will be reading). I'm also really glad he survived. Even though I didn't know his character well I would have felt really sad if he had died. I also really liked how you felt the love between him and Rose.

I will definitely be reading the other books in the series and then I will probably re-read this one so I can understand the parts that I missed.

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