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Lucid - Adrienne Stoltz, Ron Bass This book was ok. I can't really say anything about it because any details will spoil the book. That's usually how it is withe psychological mind fuck books.

The main plot of the book is that there are two girls, Sloane and Maggie, who dream the other's day every time they go to sleep. Each girl thinks they are real and the other is not real or a fantasy. Both girls are content with continuing their fantasy until the lines between Sloane and Maggie blur where each of the other's "characters" are appearing in their world.

Throughout the whole book your wondering which girl is real or if they are the same girl who created a fantasy in her head or what..and the big question is why is this happening. You don't find out until any answers until the very end...

When Sloane and Maggie both starting seeing the other girl's characters in their world they start to feel like they are going crazy. The way the last few chapters are written made me feel like I was going crazy along with them. Its the non stop thinking and ramblings of each girl that made me feel crazy. Especially when they each begin to question who they are. Its crazy!

I liked the characters well enough. Maggie is an aspiring actress who eventually falls in love with Andrew an film student. Maggie's father has died, her mother is an absentee parent and Maggie basically is a parent to her four year old sister Jade. Maggie also sees a shrink for her Sloane issues. Maggie is outgoing, funny, confident and a loner.

Sloane is the opposite of Maggie. She has her mom, her dad and 2 brothers. Her best friend is Gordy and her other best friend Bill, died a year ago and she is having a hard time dealing with it. She i very sweet, kind, quiet and shy with 2 other girlfriends and Gordy. James comes to the school that year and he falls in love with Sloane who in turn says shes in love with him. However when James comes into the picture, Sloane and Maggie's worlds collapse. James makes Sloane realize something important which affects both girls.

The ending is not a clear cut ending. Its left open for the reader to figure out and interpret. I can't say I really like these endings. I like to have closure in a book without having to dissect everything and come up with my own conclusions, that very well could be wrong. That's not my cup of tea but it could be someone elses. Don't knock it til you try it. The book was worth reading.

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