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Hysteria - Megan Miranda I liked this book well enough.

Some part of it were crazy. I felt like I was going insane alone with the main character, Mallory.

The book is about Mallory, who killed her boyfriend in self defense. She is sent to a boarding school to get away from everyone in her town, especially the mother of her boyfriend who had gone off the deep end. While there she thinks she is hallucinating and thinks that Brian'a ghost is following her. She is known as the girl who killed her boyfriend and she almost has no friends. She does re-meet Reid, a boy she knew awhile ago, and the two start a little romance that was nicely done and not the focus of the book. Some crazy s*** goes down and Mallory has to basically figure out "Who done it and what was done".

I liked Mallory. She wasn't a cold blooded killer. She was generally sorry for what she did and is haunted by it (although most of it is in her mind). When she gets to her new school she meets Reid again. She is cautious about the relationship and at times pushes him away because she "doesn't want to ruin his life too", which I commend her on. Since everyone at her school knows about what she did, she is eventually framed for a awful crime and last quarter of the book is about her figuring out who framed her. During the book, there are many flash backs to the night she killed Brian as well as how she met Brian and some events that took place before the murder. I liked this aspect of the book because you get to see and figure out what happened that night with Mallory. Mallory has buried an important part about that night in her mind and we get to see her put all the pieces back together and realize it wasn't totally her fault. I do get why she killed him and why it was ruled as self-defense.

However....As for Reid, I think this kid has a death wish. I mean he goes after the girl who killed someone. I get that she may be nice enough and he knew her once upon a time, but I don't think I would EVER get with some one who killed a person. Personally I just wouldn't feel safe, thinking that the person I'm with could snap at any moment. Killing changes a person and you just never know HOW it changed them. I just would't take that chance. But to each his own.

Anyway this book was an easy read and could be finished in a day or two. Unfortunately, I had a lot of stuff to do for work (and I wanted to watch the walking dead :D) so it took me longer than I'd like. I would recommend this book to be read because it is entertaining.

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