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The Infects

The Infects - Sean Beaudoin This book was OK. It wasn’t what I expected it to be. I gotta admit I’m a little disappointed with the book.

I guess it has a lot to do with the writing. A lot of it didn’t make sense to me especially when the characters were talking. Some of the characters use such a weird slang that teenagers today don’t use at all. For example one of the characters said “they came in mad waves. But check it –it was epic.” Another character said “Dude a Zach thresher.” What the hell does that even mean? The book was just full of sentences like those that made it mind numbing to read. I seriously have no idea what the characters were saying for around half of the book because they talked like idiots. No one really talks like that in real life.

Also the book half the time didn’t make any sense in what was going on. In the beginning you’re introduced to Nick and his family. His sister, Amanda, has problems but no one really even knows what she has. I gather from the book that the doctors don't know whats wrong either so they said she has Asperberg's and gave her meds and no more is said on the subject. She is obsessed with these palmbot video games (which I don't even know what that is)and she talks in questions which drove me crazy to read. Here is a sentence on how she talks: "Okay, three things? One, do I have to? Call you Nero? {..}Thank you for? Sticking up for? Mr. Bator?" In my head she sounds like a robot. After awhile I got a headache from her talking.

Then there's his dad who he calls the Dude that its awhile before you even realize he's Nick's father. He's also cuckoo and talks to things like the appliances, checks and pens. For some reason he is unemployed and makes Nick work instead of getting off his ass and finding a new job. Nick ahs to work night shifts at a chick factory cutting up chicken to pay for rent and his sister's meds. His mom left them with the father. She was a real bitch about it too. She took them to the mall and left them there.

There are also a lot of flashbacks to Nick's life as he's running from the zombies who aren't zombies (Oh yes you heard right). I guess the author wanted you to get to know Nick and his life through these flashbacks but they really had nothing to do with they story and should have been left out. After awhile they kinda annoyed me. There would be some action going on and then then next chapter would be a flashback. Its like when your watching tv and the show is getting good then it cuts to a commercial and your like "Oh hell! WTF?"

I had no real feelings about Nick as a character. He was ehh for me and I didn't really care about him or his love interest who was freaking weird also. Nick was also a little nuts himself. After his accident at work caused him to be sent to a delinquent camp where they have to go on a trek in the forest/mountains. On the bus to the trek sight, Nick begins to hear a voice in his head and its none other than Dwayne, The ROCK, Johnson. I mean gimme a break here. I know it was done to be funny but it really wasn't. So Nick was hearing The ROCK in his head....yeah that's normal.

The only thing the book had going for it was the zombies. When they came it was gory and sick and twisted and that made the book bearable. I liked the scenes that were described in bloody detail telling you how the zombies were eating people and such. It was awesome...until you find out that the zombies are not really zombies......I won't say more in case anyone is going to read the book.

If you are confused about my review don't worry...your just as confused as I am...

This book was just a big mess..not my cup of tea.

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