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Divergent - Veronica Roth I really liked this book much more than I expected to.

I enjoyed the world building in the book although I did think the factions were kinda dumb (when I say this I mean the people in the book are dumb for creating this kind of society) because really people can't value one aspect of human behavior over all the others and you can't rule all the behaviors out. Its ridiculous to think that it could happen. The factions are supposed to work in harmony which is why they were created in the first place. Anyone can see that it can't work and it doesn't because in the book the factions of Abnegation and Erudite basically hate each other.

Anyway I really liked the main character, Beatrice aka Tris. I like how she feels like she doesn't belong in her birth faction, which is Abnegation, because she feels she is not selfless enough. I like how even when she chooses to be in the Dauntless faction, she is still not sure that that faction is for her. That's how a real sixteen year old thinks. They are not sure of themselves and have difficulty in choosing what kind of person they should be. That makes Tris more real and makes her more relatable. She is a tough small girl which I loved about her because not everyone has the pleasure of being tall (me included. I'm 5'0) and it sucks when people think your too small to do anything and that you need protection. Big surprise: short people can be ruthless too. I loved how daring Tris was and how she embraced danger instead of running away from it (the sling diving off the building for instance). I liked how Tris and all the other initiates as well, got hurt and dealt with it without falling apart. I like how Tris is with Four, how she's afraid of intimacy with him~ who wouldn't be afraid of that at sixteen? She's just a well rounded character and I liked her.

Oh and what the hell does bring Divergent mean? So far I got that they are uncontrollable because their mind works differently from everyone else and that means they can't be confined to one way of thinking. Oh and they are able to break through simulations and realize that they are in a simulation. Does that mean that the rest of the people who are not Divergent are idiots? Hopefully its explained a little bit more and clearer in the second book.

I like Four also. Although I was not attracted to the way he look, I really liked him a lot because of his personality. I liked how tough and mean he was as an instructor and how gentle he was with Tris. Their romance wasn't in your face or insta-love. They grew to like each other. Sure there was instant attraction but they didn't suck face as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Tris wanted to impress him because he was her instructor. She wanted him to see her as a tough girl, not as a small child who needed protecting. I also liked how he stood up for Tris especially around Eric as well how brave he was, especially when facing his fear of heights. He opened himself up to Tris about himself and let he see his darkest fears. I really hope they end up together at the end of this series and none of them up and dies. That would suck.

As for the rest of the characters. I really liked Christina and I liked how her and Tris bonded right away. She is a good friend to Tris and helps protect her from some of the other transfer initiates. I also liked Will too who also protected Tris. I liked Al at first. He was one of the most vulnerable characters and the one who had the most problems in the initiation activities/tests. It just goes to show that just because your big and strong doesn't mean you're cut out for violence or hurting people. I admired how Al didn't want to fight his fellow initiates because he didn't want to hurt them. I liked how he took a few punches and laid down, letting his opponents take the victory. He was sweet and caring to both Christina and Tris. Which is why I couldn't believe what the did to Tris later in the book. It was like a complete 180 from who he is. That sucked. For some reason I also like Uriah tho he wasn't in the book very much. He accepted Tris right away as a dauntless and invited her to go building diving with him. He protected and stood up for her in response to the dauntless born initiates. He is also funny. I hope he makes more of an appearance in the second book than he did in this one.

I also really liked Eric for some reason. Sure hes sadistic and cruel but he's really good at being a villain. He is ruthless and he praises the initiates when they are ruthless. I don't know why I like him but I do lol. I hated Peter and I hope that he gets a very violent end at Tris' hands. What he did to Edward and Tris made me want to stab him. I also hate the Erudite leader, Jeanie, and I took hope she meets a grisly end. It'd be fun to read.

I really liked the way the dauntless' behavior was described and how their headquarters were. I liked the who idea of the pit with its walk ways, shops and training rooms. I loved reading about all the stunts the dauntless kids pulled like jumping off a the train and buildings and zip lining across buildings. I love the whole culture of hair dye, piercings and tattoos (I have 2 tats so I love them). I loved it when Tris got her tattoos, I was hoping she would get them when tattoo parlor was described. They seemed much more alive and free than the other factions.

The ending was WOW. Not gonna say much about it but it was good, action packed and sad all at the same time. The ending leaves you wondering what is going to happen in the next book.

So as I read the book, I tried to think which faction I would pick if I lived in this society. I would never be able to survive in Abnegation because, yes I'll admit that I'm not the most selfless person in the world. If you listen to the rantings of my family then I'm very selfish lol :D. I don't belong in Amity. I would be ok in Candor because I am not always tactful in the things I say and I have been known to say whatever I'm thinking. I would also be ok in Erudite because I love reading, I love books and I like to learn new things. I would also be ok in Dauntless because I like violence (who doesn't), hand to hand combat, weapons, and some risk taking. And while I was reading some scenes in the book, I imagined myself killing or stabbing some of the nasty characters like Jeanie, Peter and Molly. I also agree with their beliefs in justice, not letting fear rule you and in living life. So if I had to choose, I would be in Dauntless :D.

I have read on Goodreads, readers comparing the Hunger Games and Divergent. Honestly, I don't think the books are comparable because they are totally different. However if I had to choose, I'd say The Hunger Games are better. I just like the way they are written, the plot, the idea of the games and the characters more than Divergent's. That's not to say Divergent isn't good. On the contrary, its one of my favorite books, like the Hunger Games series. I just like the Hunger Games a lot more.

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