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Undead - Kirsty McKay I really liked this book. It was hilarious and gory. The zombies were the traditional walking dead flesh eating Zombies that were turned, by all things......juice. lol. The gore was done well. There were some "EWWWW" factors but nothing too graphic or too bad to read.

I really liked the main character Bobby. She is the "heroine" of the book but by all means she is not the fearless hero who sings her own praises. She's scared, clumsy, hilarious, brave to a point and she knows exactly what her flaws are and is not afraid to admit it. To me that's kick ass. She is one of the sole survives of her school trip in Scotland. Bobby has hilarious quips throughout the book that made me laugh out loud.

Smitty was the other character that I really liked who was, hands down the funniest character. He wasn't afraid of the Zombies and willingly put himself into danger to save the rest of his group. He distracted the zombie bus driver for Bobby, he took out some zombies so that his friends can pass them safely and karate kicking a zombie to get his jacket back. He also fought humans too, like Michael when he was touching Bobby. There was obvious chemistry between Smitty and Bobby but it wasn't overly done, it wasn't annoying and it wasn't the central part of the story, which are all pluses for my taste. The romance was a slow build up with looks, hand holding, compliments, one kiss and best of all...funny snide comments. Both Bobby and Smitty are the leaders of their group, doing everything with Smitty being the reckless one and Bobby being the strategist.

The group starts out with Smitty and Bobby being the twosome that stay in the bus when the other kids go inside the Cheery Chomper (yes that's the restaurants name). Alice is introduced to us by her frantic screams as she runs back to the bus screaming "They're dead! They're all dead!" Alice is the nasty popular cheerleader that everyone hated in high school who was nasty to everyone with cutting remarks. Alice is very uptight, scared out of her mind, bossy, whiny and still nasty to the people who save her time and time again. After the threesome see a zombie, Smitty and Bonny decide to make a run to the gas station next to the Cheery Chomper to use the phone to call for help, while Alice "guards" the bus. Here is where Smitty goes to see how they can into the gas station store (the cashier won't let them in) and Bobby goes to the toilet which she had to do since the beginning of the book and by this time is bursting. In the stall next to her's is where she finds Pete, the smart, tech savvy albino kid that all the popular people make fun of. This is how Pete, intelligence of the group, comes into the quartet. All the characters start out with the mentality of "everyone for themselves" but throughout the book they grow and bond together to the point where at the end, they're saving each other.

There is a mystery to the whole people turning into zombie thing which is revealed slowly throughout the story and is not fully disclosed at the end.

I recommend this book. It was great and funny with wacky kids braving the elements, fighting zombies, bonding and trying to survive in the Zombie apocalypse.

Quotes from each of the characters to give an idea of how funny this book is:

Alice- "It's horrible! They want to kill us!" Her eyes narrow. "And Shanika's got my Candy Couture bag, the bitch! Drive!" she says to the driver "Run them over!"

Pete to Alice- "This is all the science bit, you ignorant donkey"

Smitty to Bobby when seeing Bobby's mom- "That her?" says Smitty. "Ding Dong."

Bobby- (at the castle gates that they though was padlocked closed) "We stare in silence. It has come to this. It takes the girl with the concussion to see what's right in front of our noses."

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