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Incarnation - Emma Cornwall I really really like this book a lot.

This book has everything a paranormal lover could want. The major beings in this book are vampires, but there are also werewolves, ghosts, trolls, monsters, slayers, hybrids and of course magic. However that is not the only thing this book has that I loved. As a history buff I loved reading how the author changed historical events and people as well as legendary people to fit with her story. Bram Stoker is in the book with his Dracula novel and Lucy Weston character. King Arthur and his son, Mordred and Morgaine Le Fey are in the book as well and their history was changed to include vampires. the Elizabethan times were recounted and included vampires as well. The book itself takes place in Victorian London and Queen Victoria even makes an appearance in the book, with knowledge of vampires in her city. Its not even as if the author changed much of the history itself; she just enhanced it to include vampires. The book opens with action and there is no shortage of it. The book was a fun and interesting read.

I loved the main character Lucy Weston. She is fiery, passionate, loyal, caring and tough. Her world is turned upside down when she becomes a vampire (however she is not an ordinary vampire). Throughout the whole book she fights with herself to keep herself from becomes a full bloodthirsty vampire. She recoils at the thought of feeding off a human but she longs for it just the same. She has a hard time holding on to her humanity but she insists on doing it anyway. She is always fighting with herself to do the right thing which I admire, especially since her vampiric nature is pulling her in the opposite direction. She always regrets what she lost when becoming a vampire and wonders if she can feel emotions like love as a vampire. She is also incredibly kick ass. There are many scenes where she fights other creatures and where she picks up huge burly men and throws them across the room. Its hilarious. She is an immediately likeable character and you continue to like her all throughout the book. She wants to confront her maker and ask why he chose to turn her but she never whines about her fate. She begins to embrace and eventually like her new life. I liked that because I can't stand whiny characters.

I also liked Marco too. He is a strong protector who still tries to protect Lucy even though she can lift him up and throw him like a doll. He is very loyal and caring especially with Lucy. He is also very intelligent seeing how vampires and humans need each other and need to be in balance with each other. He teams up with Lucy to find the missing Vampire king who is also her maker. Marco understands that without the vampire king, a war between humans and vampires will come. He is also willing to do the right thing and give his life for it as well as to keep Lucy safe. He had also fell in love with Lucy when she was human and loves her still no matter what she is. That's love....

The ending of the book was awesome but there are a few loose ends that were not tied up. I am hoping that that means that there will be another book because I really want to know what happens....

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