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Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3)

Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3) - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Really?? WTF????

Ok first I want to say that I did like the book and the ranting that will be going on here in no way changes how much I liked the book and the author.

But seriously? The ending? It was one of the worst ones I've read. It pissed me off.

Ok first I'll talk about what I liked about the book. I did like the plot line of their being another rabid were out in the world. I pretty figured out that the person the characters would be looking at as the rabid was Maddy. I however was not expecting her to be pregnant. That was a shock.

I liked how Bryn went to search for Maddy and wouldn't give up. Its great to see a character feel so deeply for others, that are not their main love attraction. Bryn really cares about her pack and her friends.

The elements of ghosts was great and it was sweet to see Lake reunited with her brother. It was crazy to see how Wilson had come back in the form of a ghost. He was a piece of shit in the first book but he was a real mother f***** as a ghost. And it was weird to learn that Sora was his twin. At first I was kinda happy that Bryn would kill her becuase I was still pissed at what she did to Bryn in the first book. However after the exchange between Bryn and Sora right before Bryn was supposed to kill her was touching and I forgave Sora and didn't want her to die.

I also really liked how Bryn made Caroline one of her pack in the end. It was nice to see how they went from hating each other to them protecting each other.

Then all hell broke loose when Shay entered the picture. He is such a bastard. When Bryn went to claim Maddy in her pack again, I knew that Shay had already claimed the baby. He's just a sneaking pile of turd that would do something like that.

And then to make it all worse he killed Chase. That was one of the parts that completely pissed me off because it came out of left field. There was nothing leading up to how or why Chase would die. I didn't think the author was really going to kill Chase off but she f***** did. It was brutal and uncalled for. And the fact that Callum knew and didn't tell Bryn made it even worse. I mean I understand him not telling her about other things he knew and letting Bryn make her own choices but this? I think Chase was a big enough importance in Bryn's life, that Callum should have told her. I mean Bryn and Chase made their own pack for godsakes. I was pissed.

I was also pissed when Shay killed Jed too. That was out of no where as well and it was sad.

But thats not all that pissed me off. I was super pissed when Bryn let Devon go and become the alpha of his own pack especially when he wanted to stay with her. Personally I didn't really like Chase's character and the insta- love him and Bryn had going on (even though I still maintain that it was sad that the died). I always thought Bryn and Devon would have been better together. They grew up together and were best friends their entire lives. They just fit together and it was a shame that their relationship wasn't explored more romantically in the series. I could have gone without the insta-love. But now at the end of the book Devon isn't in her pack and they are separated. I mean its like the author just took everything away from Bryn and made it like she had no reason to live. It sucked.

The very end was infurating as well. I have a problem with Callum not because of his involvement or lack there of, in the plot of the book. But at the end its clear that Bryn is going to be changed into a werewolf but since this is the last book in the series, we don't even get to see her transition into a werewolf and how she deals with it.

Like I said the ending Blowed big time