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Shades of London (2) - Ripper 2

The Madness Underneath - Maureen Johnson Wow. This book was awesome! I liked it a lot more than the first book, which I find weird because usually the first book of a series is the best, in my experience anyway. But this one blew me away.

The story picks up right where "The Name of the Star" left off. Rory is now in Bristol with her parents, lazying around her house and going to therapy. Its there that she re-discovers her new power that was displayed in the end of "The Name of the Star". By touching a ghost she can vaporize them making her a human terminus. Somehow Thorpe has managed to convince Rory's therapist to suggest that Rory go back to London and her school, Wexford. She decided to go back. Its there that she meets back up with Stephan (who I love!), Callum and Boo.

Rory was hilarious in this book. Her one liners were epic. In this book she is still dealing with the trauma of the Ripper attack. She is failing school and can't see to get herself to care. She feels lost and feels like school has no purpose after what she's been through. Under the circumstances she is handling everything very well however she kind of feels numb to everything. Its her conversations with Stephan and working on the case with him, Callum and Boo that makes her happy. When she's with them on the cases in the book she gets back her spunky personality. There's also she has to deal with in this book like being a human terminus, dealing with ghosts again and her new shrink in London, Jane. She handles things bravely and somewhat maturely (not near the ending though). She hates having to lie to everyone about what she's doing and she tries to change that.

There is not much action in the book but it's great nonetheless. All the murders in the book are weird and its fun seeing how Stephan and Rory connect everything together. You figure out everything with the characters as they figure it out. Its not like you know what the characters don't and your screaming at them because they're making all the stupid wrong decisions.

The shades, Stephan, Callum and Boo are awesome as usually. Stephan is in it more that the others, working closely and following leads with Rory. He is his usual practical by the rules self. But I love him anyway. He does open up to Rory more in this book, having conversation about himself, comforting Rory and rescuing her. Callum is still all eager to hunt and kill ghosts> He had his one liners that had me rolling also. Boo was like she was in "The Name of the Star". We didn't see her much until the end because she had a cast on from when the Ripper threw her in front of a car, so she couldn't do much. The situation with the shades in this book is that now they have no more terminus' and they were in danger of bring shut down. But with Rory being a terminus and demonstrating her abilities to Thorpe, the shades were able to stay in business.

There is a new character that plays a role in the plot in this book and will most likely be seen in the next book of the series. It's Jane who is Rory's therapist in London. She seems wonderful, caring, nice and a great therapist. She is very friendly with Rory, allowing her to come talk to her at any time. I can't really say more without giving away anything.

The ending (last chapter) is surprising to say the least. I was like "WTF!!!!!!" when I read it. Also super cliff hanger that leaves me wanting the next book in the series NOW! All I know is shit better get fixed in the next book or I will be super pissed!


I just have to say this because I was so happy when it happened. Stephan and Rory KISS! and its not just a kiss and done. No its like making out! And Stephan, Mr. By the Book, Kissed her back and wanted it! I was so excited and happy because I wanted Stephan and Rory together from "The Name of the Star" and I finally got it! So happy! :D

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