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The Reformed Vampire Support Group

The Reformed Vampire Support Group - Catherine Jinks This book was good. I really liked the plot of the story and the characters. Nina is a good narrator. I like Dave because he was kinda like the hero. I like Ruben because he was the lively person of the group and I felt bad for him because his life sucked. I also liked Father Ramon becuase he was a human who wasn't afraid of vampires and wanted to help them; Estelle because she was freaking hilarious and Bridget because she was an 80 year old grandma vampire- whats not to like? Sanford got on my nerves alot and I found myself wishing alot of the time that Nina would tell him where to shove it or answer him back but she never really did. George didn't really play much of a big role, Gladys was freaking annoying (I woulda staked her by now)and Horace was kinda a freak (however I found myself liking him later on... ill explain in a little bit.

The story line was a good one- basically one of the vampires in the reformed group was staked and now they were all looking for the "slayer"- if u wanna call a fat balding middle aged man that lol. While looking for the slayer the vampires come upon a illegal werewolf fighting ring and freed Ruben who tagged along with them to Estelle's house. I loved how everyone, even the bad guys ended up in Estelle's house and I absolutely loved her attitude. Hell I wouldn't want like 7 vampires, a werewolf, a slayer and two bad guys in my house either.

I also liked the subtle romance. It wasn't a huge part of the book. It only came out in the end between Nina and Dave. Although I kinda wanted Nina with Ruben but I guess you can't get everything.

So why three stars? because I HATE how vampires were portrayed. Vampires as weak sick beings? Who get nauceous all the time and end up puking all over the place. Who get exhausted from driving a car? PLease. That is sooo not a vampire. It goes against everything that a vampire is. And these vampires in the book eat guinea pigs and take pill supplements. WTF? is that a joke? That's one reason why I like Horace- because he actually bit someone (even though he got sick after it- please) He acted like a real vampire and bit someone. I was just real turned off about that. I love vampires, they're my favorite monster and to read about them like that- no sorry but not for me. That part was disappointing.

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