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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden)

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa Words cannot describe how epic this book was but I will try.

In a word: Amazing

"The Eternity Cure" picks up a few months after "The Immortal Rules". Allie is following her blood call to Kanin to rescue him from the deranges Sarren. While searching for Kanin she also find her blood brother Jackal. Yes he is still alive...how I don't know. But he and Allie come to an agreement where she helps him search for a lab in Old D.C. that may have information for a cure for rabidism and in exchange he will help her find Kanin. They're journey takes them from the lab swarming with rabids to Allie's old home New Covington. The book has so many things happening and are intertwined perfectly. In this book Allie encounters a plague that is infecting fring humans in her town,
refugee humans who are not infected living in the tunnels, mole men, New Covington's inner city and to vampire prince Salazar, Kanin, Zeke (yes ZEKE!) and the deranged Sarren. A LOT of stuff happens in these pages and you learn a lot more about all the characters.

Allie is the same kick ass, tough girl as she was in the first book. Her vampire powers have strengthened since "The Immortal Rules". She is still sarcastic and funny, caring and loyal. She still fights to hold on to her humanity, especially with Zeke. She doesn't wan to get close to him because she's afraid she will hurt him. So she rather not be with him to protect him. Allie is very loyal to Kanin and very ruthless with Sarren (As she should be). She grows a lot in this book figuring out that she doesn't have to be a monster to be a vampire and that she can still love and get close to someone. She is also wicked with her katana. She cares for humans in general and wants to help them. She refuses to see them as just food but as people. With the events in this book I can't wait to she how she will be in the "The Forever Song".

Zeke is awesome. He is so sweet and good and so does not belong in the world he's living in. He cares for people and constantly wants to help them. He will do everything in his power to save people even at his own expense. Zeke is also perfect for Allie. He accepts her for who she is and is not afraid to be with a vampire. He sees who she is on the inside regardless of her species. He fights for them to be together and he trust her completely. He is also very loyal and very determined. He is realistic and knows that he would never be able to handle being a vampire. He makes Allie promise not to turn him if ends up dying. He wants to remain human til the very end and I admire him for that. I can't say that I'd do the same thing.

My Kanin. What can I say about my Kanin. He's not in the book until the middle of it but when he comes back boy does he come back. He has been starved and the hunger has set in him, making him a slave to it. When Allie finds him, all she finds is a blood thirsty vampire. It is because of her that Kanin comes out of the bloodlust and becomes himself again. Kanin has not changed much since "The Immortal Rules". He is still stoic and doesn't talk about his past. He still has faith in humans finding the cure and is willing to do anything to help them, including giving himself as a test subject. He never tells Allie what to do with her life but offers his advice instead. You can see how fond he is of Allie in this book, especially when offering himself to Sarren in her place. What can I say? I love him.

Sarren is the same psychotic, deranged, violent killer that he was in the last book. He has a sick twisted mind, loves to cause pain and loves to torture people. His ramblings make no sense and he is a terrifying character. I dreaded when Allie and Kanin had to face him in the end. You get a smidgeon of insight as to how Sarren became how he is. He was one of the vampires Kanin gave to the scientists to experiment on decades ago. He says "Do you know how many times I woke up like this?...How many nights I awoke, tied to this bed, starving and insensible, while the humans milled around and stuck me with their needles and their poison? Cut me and bled me, sometimes to the point where I had but a few drops of blood left in my body? I screamed at them to stop, pleaded for them to stop. But they never did." That experience can unravel someone. I wonder how Sarren was before he was experimented on. Was he like Kanin? Or was he like Jackal, who loves bloodlust and torture, where the experimentation on him only intensified these feelings? That's something I'd want to know. Even though he is terrifying I want to know more about him. Maybe we will find out more in the next book.

Jackal was hilarious. He's my favorite character besides Kanin and Allie. He is constantly sarcastic with his little quips he throws at all the rest of the characters. He is such an ass you can't help but laugh. He is all about himself and want to find a cure to rabidism solely for the purpose of creating a vampire army. And he doesn't even hide it. He is so blunt about everything that it's funny. He is selfish, not loyal in the least and he'd sell his mother to get what he wants. However he does stick with Allie and help her in rescuing Kanin. The interactions between Zeke and Jackal are hilarious as well as murderous on both sides. I love the way he calls Allie "sister" instead of by her name. He constantly calls humans "bloodbags" and "meat sacks." One of my favorite quotes from him is
"Oh don't mind me," came an extremely sarcastic voice near the wall. "You two go ahead and make out-I'll just sit here and bleed quietly."
He is a bastard but he is reliable and for some reason he continues to help Allie, which from the ending you can infer that he will still be at her side in the next book.

The ending to the book is epic, heartbreaking and a damn cliff hanger. I was almost bawling at the end. Everything just better be fixed and that's all I'm saying.

"The Eternity Cure" is a must read book for those who loved "The Immortal Rules". I highly recommend this series which is "Blood of Eden" by Julie Kawaga. Truly amazing books by an amazing author.

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