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Tiger's Voyage (The Tiger Saga, #3)

Tiger's Voyage - Colleen Houck This book was funny, good and infurating at the same time.

First my likes:

I really liked the quest of this book, possibly even more than the ones in the other two books. I like dragons and to see them as part of the quest was awesome.

I liked how Ren fell in love with Kelsey all over again but I was pissed at how he didn't remember her and how he got sick when he was near her in his human form.

The ending. It was crazy. I just keep thinking how are they going to get Kelsey back. What happened to Kadam and his granddaughter?

Now for me dislikes:

I really really didnt like it when Kelsey got with Kishan. I mean I know she may love Kishan but its not the same as the way she loves Ren. One of the main reasons why I got mad that she was with Kishan and stayed with him even after Ren remembered her, is because the relationship is not fair to Kishan. Throught the book, you read about how when she's with Kishan, she always thinks of Ren. I don't like how she calls Kishan's love the stable one and Ren's the passionate one. She's not being true to Kishan and she can never give herself 100 percent to Kishan because she will always love Ren. Her thinking that she will force herself to be with Kishan and learn to love him the amount he loves her is ridiculous. While I do like Kishan, I don't think he's right for Kelsey and by being with her he's setting himself up to be hurt. But thats Just my opinion.

And Ren. I mean what the F*** was he thinking when he agreed to that trigger to get his memory back. What an idiot. He almost deserves to lose Kelsey because of that stupidity.

All in all if this book could make me feel all these emotions about the characters and their situations then it is an awesome book. I can hardly wait for the next book.