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Inferno: A Novel (Robert Langdon)

Inferno - Dan Brown This Book was amazing and I loved it. I know a lot of people have a problem with Dan Brown and hate and criticize him but I absolutely LOVE him. His books are amazing and I love how he incorporates history and works of history into his plots. His books are entertaining to read and keep guessing til the very end. Inferno was no different.

The book begins with Robert Langdon waking up in a Florence hospital with a bullet wound to his head and retrograde amnesia. He has no recollection of the past two days of his life and he never will remember them. From there the book takes off with action right in the first 3 chapters. Langdon has to figure out why he is in Italy and why he is having visions of a woman telling him to "seek and find". Of course he is accompanied by a woman, Sienna Brooks, who is not who she seems to be. The plot involves a scientist who is very concerned with human overpopulation that he designs a kind of plague to help curve the increasing population. Robert Langdon is tasked to find the location of where the plague will be released in order to contain it and prevent it from being released. As with all other of Brown's books, its a race against time to stop events that can change the world.

In this book you get the history of some of Italy's greates cities like Venice and Florence. Brown describes the wonderful and beautiful sights in great detail that it feel like you're there walking the streets with Langdon. I payed special attention to the different sights, building and museums in this book because later on in this month, on June 26 I am leaving for a 15 day vacation for Italy where I will be visiting Florence and Venice, among other cities. As I read the book I wrote down some of these sights so that I will be able to see them in person when I go. Its very exciting.
There is another city in another country that this book takes the reader to, also with detailed description of the city and its sights. I won;t say where it is because that will give part of the book away.

Again, we follow Robert Langdon on his adventure. I love Robert Langdon's character. He is a professor I would love to have taken when I was in college. I love how intelligent he is and how his brain is able to figure things out. I never tire of the way Langdon figures out what's going on or where he has to go. Some people may criticize that Langdon has all the answers but that never bothers me. His character is designed to be intelligent and well read so it is logical that he knows about a lot more things pertaining to symbolism, history of the world and art history than an average person. I also enjoy the flash backs to Langdon teaching his students or giving a lecture to other professionals because the reader can learn new things. I also enjoy how passionate Robert is and how he always puts himself in danger to d o the right thing. He gets injured and is one the run which makes his character more realistic. He is also not afraid to admit when he doesn't know or understand things.

Of course this book has many more supporting characters which makes everything more complicated and a little confusing as to who is on what side. Just when you think you figured something out, Brown puts in a twist to make you realize that you actually have no idea what going on. Its a lot of fun. The ending is awesome and crazy.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a fun read

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