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The Unspoken

The Unspoken - Thomas Fahy This book was ehh. It was really short and you never really get to really know the characters.

The synopsis of the book was basically this: Allison is one of the six children of the Divine path Cult that was run by the man Jacob who saw himself as a prophet. Jacob prophesied that in five years time the children of the divine path would die by being consumed by their greatest fears. Their deaths will be followed by the apocalypse. The children had suffered at the hands of Jacob and decided to kill him. They burned the whole camp site where they lived down. They tried to save their parents but when they went to them, they were already dead. Allison speculates that they were poisoned. After burning down the cult and its leader, the six children were split up and put in foster homes all over the U.S. Five years later the first of the six children, who are 17 now, dies by drowning, which was his greatest fear. All of the other kids go back to their home town for the funeral of there friend and that's when all the shit goes down.

Like I said, you never really get to know the characters as much as you would like. Most of them die right away in the book anyway. You just get the jist of what they're like. For instance, Emma loves books and is kinda nerdy and quiet. Jade is basically an angry drunk slut who has three boyfriends and likes to drink, curse and lashes out. Ike is like the class clown, making jokes and being sarcastic. David is the serious hot guy. Allison is the confused girl who still has a crush on David. Basically all stereotypical personalities.

So anyway basically David and Allison have to find out whose killing their friends, which they do and try to stop him. The ending of the book really bothered me because it is a cliffhanger without any real ending. Its frustrating because this is a standalone book with an unclear ending. I hate that.

Reading about the cult was interesting as were what each character saw in the pit that was in the confessional, in the cult. Each character, save for Emma and the first dead boy, tell about what happened in the confessional and the events that led to their being in the confessional. Through these tales you learn what each of the characters greatest fears are. Each kid has some kind of scar from their time in the pit of the confessional.

The killings are gory and have lots of blood. The ending is very action packed and bloody as well. The book also alternates between the present and the deaths of the kids to the past and the kid's time in the cult.

This book is a quick read. Its ok but not great.

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