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Going Too Far

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols This book was a cute quick read. Meg is a troubled teen who drinks and smokes pot. She ended up getting arrested by John, an 19 year old cop, who she doesn't realize until later that he went to school with her. John wanted to make sure that Meg and her friends learned a lesson, so each one of them had to spend their spring break riding in an ambulance, a fire truck and a cop car on the night shift to see what these workers see everyday. John chose Meg to ride in his cop car for the week. Then the romance begins.

I like Meg. she's a wild 17 year old kid with blue hair. She's sarcastic and has a loud mouth. She doesn't make plans or plan anything ahead of time. She has casual sex with a douche named Eric, drinks, parties and smokes pot. She is claustrophobic and hates being restrained in any fashion, including being handcuffed. She has panic attacks and passes out when she feels shes being restrained. You find out later in the book why she's wild and why she is claustrophobic. Meg wants nothing more than to get out of her small town, away from her parents. That's her "plan". Then she meets John.

John is a good guy. He's sweet, caring and loyal. He takes his cop career seriously and he truly wants Meg to stop her reckless behavior. John has an obsession with guarding the train bridge in the town. That is where he finds Meg and her friends hanging out and arrests them. As with Meg you find out later why he is obsessed with the bridge and with being a cop. He falls in love with Meg and everything changes.

The transformation of the characters as the book goes on is amazing. Meg and John both change each other with their love for each other and tries to help each other. I highly recommend this book. Its such a sweet book about love and changing/helping the person you love.

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