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Unspoken: The Lynburn Legacy

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan well what the fuck man? This book pissed me off to no end.

Let me just start by saying that I loved this book. However the ending sucked huge monkey balls. I like the whole mind reading connection between Jared and Kami. I liked the writing of the book even though some of the sentences didn't make any sense. The characters were all awesome. I don't think I've ever read a book where I liked all of the characters even if they're evil. I love how lazy Angela is but I really wonder if the magnitude of her laziness was over done. No one can be that lazy can they? Oh and I so totally called it that something was going on, romantically, with Angela and Holly. The author should so pursue this relationship in the rest of the series. Even though Holly made it seem like she wasn't into Angela that way, you could totally see that she is when she sees Angela running with Ash to find them in the woods after Angela kicks the crap outta Ash's dad.

Pg 355 The Holly shattered the stillness by throwing herself at Angela. "God, Angie!" she exclaimed, arms locked around her neck. "What happened?"
Angela started and went still, seemed about to say something and checked herself. Her faced changed, the snarl dropping away. She dropped Ash's hand and lifted her own hand to gently touch Holly's bright hair.

If that's not feelings for each other I don't know what is. Further proof of their feelings for each other can be found in the chapter before this quote when all Holly cared about was finding Angela and telling people that they had to hurry up and find her. Sure Kami wanted to find Angela too but Holly was more urgent about it. I really like them together and hope that they end up together.

Now, I like Ash and Jared (Jared more tho) but I gotta say blonds aren't my cup of tea. When I read that he was like a golden Greek God, I was like "oh yay great". I thought Jared was going to be the dark haired one and he kinda turned out to be with his hair a darker gold than Ash's. It was easier for me to imagine him with dark hair.

Now here's one thing that pissed me off through the whole book (which led to a 4 start rating): Kami and Jared's relationship. I found it incredibly infuriating when they wouldn't touch each other and how they both seemed pissed that the other one was real. Let me just say that if I found out that the person I talked to in my head for YEARS, who was my best friend, who I loved and who I began to fall in love with was real I'd be fucken ECSTATIC! I mean sure it be weird for like all of 2 minutes (ok the most it be weird for like a day or two) but then I'd be over the moon happy. First it would prove that I'm NOT crazy and that I wasn't hearing voices like a schizphrenic; and second the person I loved was real and I could TOUCH them. But nooooo Kami and Jared have to be like "Oh no, no touching or I'll freak out." Please with that bull shit. They obviously are the main couple in this book so the whole not touching thing was getting old. And WTF was Jared's problem at the end acting like he didn't care about Kami. What an asshat. Maybe he was just mad because she severed the connecting but hello! She was doing it to save her life. I don't like the Jared in the last 2 pages of the book and that better be fixed asap in the next book.

Now for the next book, I read the excerpt about Jared kissing and apparently hooking up with Holly. At first this pissed me off and I almost didn't finish the first book. The I felt that if Jared and Kami are not together then I'm going to stop reading this series. Then I though about it some more and I came up with this conclusion. I don't care. Jared, Kami, Holly and Angela could fuck the entirety of England for all I care as long as in the end of the series Jared and Kami are together and Angela and Holly are together. So Jared can sleep with Ash for all I care as long as in the end the characters work things out or the author does whatever she has to to get them to forgive each other and the couples I mentioned before are together. Because mark my words if by the end of the series Jared and Kami are not together and Holly and Angela are not together (and it has to be these two couples, not one or the other but both)- I'm gonna throw a shit fit.