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Inexcusable - Chris Lynch This book was not that great. I had actually read it a few years ago and I decided to re-read it because I had no idea what it was about.

I kinda liked the plot of the book that spoke about the rape and while I think its interesting to write a book about this topic, I didn't feel as if the author did a good job. I mean I guess the whole point was to see how Keir really was but I found those parts of the book kinda boring. So much more could have been done with this book.

I didn't like Keir at all. He was an ass-hat. It was pathetic how he kept on making excuses for himself about all the things he did. Like saying he couldn't tell if that was him in the video doing horrible things to the soccer players. WTF do you mean you can't tell if it was you? Give me a F*****g break. I hated how he tried to make himself sound so innocent and used words like "Lovely" and "Wonderfully". Please. The way he talked and the things he said made him sound retarded. He babbled a lot in the book.

I didn't like his sisters either because they were total bitches about not going to Keir's graduation. If I found out my sister went on a vacation or on a stupid date instead of going to my graduation there be hell to pay. If they had to work I would understand that but to say to his face that they didn't want to go? Well they could just go die somewhere. No wonder Keir is an ass-wipe with sisters like them. And I didn't like the fact that they badmouthed the only character I liked in the book which was Ray.

It was disgusting how at the end, he was basically begging Gigi to say that he didn't rape her. It was amazing how stupid he was and how he thought he could convince Gigi that he didn't rape her if he just kept talking and insisting.

Anyway, I really wasn't a fan of this book.