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White Crow

White Crow - Marcus Sedgwick This book was weird. There are three different POVs which didn't go together at all.

Rebecca was a whinny baby, always complaining and everything was "me me me". I was like Shut up already. Ferelith was a wacko. She was really weird. I was hovering between liking her and not. The priest was just as whinny as Rebecca and didn't deserve to be a priest. His actions and thoughts show that he had little faith in God and that is supposed to be a main requirement for being a priest. He lacked faith so he went to a doctor to find out about the afterlife by conducting experiments by killing people. He was nothing but a murderer and a huge idiot.

The plot could have been fleshed out so much better and written to have a better flow. It was choppy because the three POVs almost had nothing to do with each other. It was not even scary as it claimed to be.

sad to say that I was expecting a great book by the description but I was disappointed.

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