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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden)

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa The Immortal Rules was a fabulous read for me. The vampires in this book are old school vampires, that don't sparkle in the sunlight. They sleep during the day, they can get hurt and they heal quickly. They have super speed and strength. It was great.

In this book vampires rule the world. They live in cities and the humans are basically bloodbags for them. Registered humans need to donate blood to the vampires in exchange for being taken care of. Unregistered humans live on the fringe of the city and their life is extremely difficult. Allie is one such human. She lived with her gang in a school. They scavenge for food and are always hungry. They are basically no bodies in the world.

I have to say I like Allie. She's tough, kick ass, sarcastic and does what she needs to survive. And this is before she becomes a vampire. She knows the world is hard and unfair and that at any moment she or anyone can die. She's also caring because she protects a boy in her gang named Stick. She shares her food with him, protect him from Rat and taught him to read.

Outside the city walls (called ruins) live things called "rabids". They are vampires who have been driven insane by the hunger. All they care about is getting blood. They look like walking skeletons. Allie goes to the ruins to scavenge for food and thats when all hell breaks loose. After attacks by rabids, Allie lays dying when a vampire, Kanin, comes and gives her a choice to die or become a vampire. She becomes a vampire.

I like Allie as a vampire because even though she became the thing she hates the most she spends the entire book trying not to lose herself to the demon inside of her. She faces many difficult situations where she has the chance to feed on humans that become her friends when she joins Zeke's group. She always stops herself and tries to hold on to her humanity. She also has great skills with her katana.

I like the character of Zeke. He's kind, giving and protective of all the people in his group. He's very handsome to Allie of course (no to me tho..blonds aren't my type). He's experienced in killing rabids and is good with his weapons. Of course they fall for each other but its not insta-love. They grow closer together as the days go on. Allie is kicked out of the group when they find out she is a vampire. However, she still cares for the people in the group and follows them to make sure they're safe and they get to their destination. She saves everyone's life more than once and is willing to die for them. She saves Zeke many times and even though she's a vampire he still falls for her. He overcomes his hate at vampires because of her. After a particular battle scene in the book when Allie thought Zeke was dead, she saw him walking down the path to her bloodied and hurt, she ran to him and they embraced each other- that scene warmed my heart. It was sweet and showed how much they cared for each other.

The character who I really liked was Kanin. He was hot and mysterious. I liked how he took Allie under his wing and taught her how to be a vampire. He protected her against other vampires and sacrificed himself so she could escape New Covington. He taught her how to hunt and how to use her Katana. I like how he is a different person than he was in his past and how he's trying to right all the wrongs that he's done. I think Allie should end up with him but it's probably not going to happen. In the book, it is referred that Kanin is like her father because he made her, which sucked. Even though I like Zeke, I like Kanin better. I'm so glad that he's gonna be in the second book.

The writing in the book was easy to read with the descriptions detailed. The abilities of Allie as a vampire were described fluidly and it didn't read as choppy. There also was humor in the book that made me laugh out loud, such as "Yeah right. I might as well just shoot myself in the face than go anywhere near Jeb." I laughed for awhile when I read that line.

The ending was fitting for the book and the last lines (to me anyway) were epic.

All in all this was a great vampire book and I highly recommend it.