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The Dark Light

The Dark Light - Sara Walsh I really really liked this book and fully enjoyed reading it. I absolutely loved the world of Brakaland and the mythology of the world. The creatures described in the book are like none that I've read and its amazing to see the imaginations of some authors.

I have read some reviews that say that there was alot of info dump in the book but I found it to be very interesting and the information was given evenly spaced throughout the whole book. It wasn't like there was five chapters straight of information or anything. The info about the the world of Brakaland and who Sol and Mia really were were thoughtfully placed in the book. May be its just me but I love when a book gives you the whole picture like this one does. So many times, especially in a series book, I always feel like I'm missing something and then the books ends and you have to wait until the next one comes out. I'm really not that patient. From the way the author switched from our world into Sol's world kind of reminded me of the book "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" by Laini Taylor. Both books have worlds that are kind of similar.

I absolutely loved that the book did not center around the love story, which made the characters great. I loved how Mia thought Sol was strange when she first spoke to him and that she was planning on not speaking to him again after that conversation. She wasn't like "OMG he's really hot and I gotta follow him everywhere". Even when she went into his world, her main objective was getting her brother back and going back to her world. She didn't have the stupid notion that she was going to stay there with him. Even at the end when she thought he was going to stay in Brakaland while she went back to her town, she really was going to go back to her home regardless of where he went. She didn't say "Oh well he's gonna stay so I will too." Oh course she wanted to stay but she knew that the idea wasn't realistic and she was fully prepared to live her life in her world without him. I like Sol and Mia together because they are like a real couple- they had arguments and disagreed with each other and they had trust issues with each other at some point in the novel. It was nice to see that.

Ok so Sol was hot and I absolutely loved the fact that he had a huge tattoo on his back. However that being said he was not the person I fell for in the book. I was happy for him to be with Mia and I was rooting for them to be together instead of coveting him for myself. The person who I thought was super hot and who I fell for was Delane. He was so much fun, so outgoing, funny, a jokester, energetic and a really good friend to both Sol and Mia. He was described as being hot which was a plus but he had an awesome personality as well. Sol was wayy to serious and uptight for me. But for me, Delane was it.

I'm unsure how I feel about this book being the first in a series, which is still up in the air since the ending left room for this book to be a series or a standalone. I mean this book is on such a high scale for me that I'm worried that if they will be a second book that it won't compare or even worse....be absolutely horrible. On the other hand, if there is another book then that means more Delaneā™„. I kinds figure that now, if there will be another book. then it will probably take place in Mia's town with Elias coming there to find the solenetta and the other characters going there to fight him. Its just a feeling I have. I will be watching to see if there will be another book and it better have Delane in it or I will be pissed :D