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Speechless (Harlequin Teen)

Speechless - Hannah Harrington Very good book. I like how the author describes the character development of Chelsea. In the beginning of the book she is a big gossip,can't keep a secret and all she wants is to be part of the popular crowd. As the book goes on, and she takes her vow of silence, Chelsea learns that keeping secrets is important and that not being popular is ok and can be a good thing. Chelsea realizes that as a popular kid she was mean and the things she said were hurtful to others. Now as a non-popular kid she can look in on the popular crowd and see how those kids really act. And she became disgusted with their behavior and horrified that she used to act the same way.I like how you can actually see the character growing in this book to be a better person. I also really enjoyed the fact that Chelsea's first words to break the vow of silence are words that are used to defend a stranger.
I like how Chelsea's new friends forgive her for the secret she blabbed that caused a guy a severe beating from some "Popular" jock guys. The guy who got beat up, Noah, even forgives her. It just goes to show that there are alot of decent and kind people in the world. Like Noah said "Hate is easy. Love is hard"