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Girl of Nightmares (Anna Dressed in Blood)

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake I really liked this book although it was not as good as "Anna Dressed in Blood". I was disappointed in the fact that Anna was not in the book very much. She was one of my favorite characters and I wish she had more face time in this book. The book's writing is hilarious and the characters speak like real teens do today. I saw some curses and phrases that I actually say in the book and I laughed out loud when I read them. My favorite saying that was in the book that I say all the time is "Bumble-fuck nowhere". lol

This book is mainly about Cas trying to figure out how to get Anna out of hell where the Obeahman is torturing Anna and the ghosts/human souls he ate in the first book. Anna comes to him during various stages of her torture which is gory and unsettling. Cas's friends Thomas and Carmel (Who have begun to date) try to help him on his "mission" with Carmel voicing her opinion of leaving everything alone multiple times during the book. She even goes so far as to publicly break up and humiliate Thomas (which pissed me off) and tell Cas that she doesn't want any part of his kind of life anymore. Cas was damn well understanding where I would have been pissed off because, after all, she wanted in on everything in the first book. And I wanted to bitch slap her for what she did to Thomas. and the fool forgives her later on in the book. While I do like Carmel she gives off way to much drama in this book. Although I like her bad ass attitude later on in the book.

Anyway, Thomas's magic is shown much more in this book and it is shown independent of his grandfather. Thomas has some serious power. He calls and summons Anna for Cas during a ritual so Cas can talk to Anna. Later on when they meet Jestine in England (they go to visit Gideon to get info from him), Thomas counteracts Jestine's chants that are harming Cas and turn it on her. When they are in Suicide Forest, he uses his chanting and spells to get rid of some of the dead "zombies".

So Thomas and Cas go to see Gideon to get information about how to get Anna back and the Order of Biodag Dubh, who are the people who made Cas's athame. This order comes out of left field and is only mentioned in the middle of the book but after its mentioned they are a main part of the book. Nothing is revealed about their brotherhood except that they are the ones who created Cas' athame like I said before, and that they are upset with the way Cas and his father used the athame. They feel that the athame was created to kill ghost no matter if they are a danger to humans or not while Cas and his father felt that since they wield the weapon they should choose which ghosts to kill. Its a whole big production and thats where this girl Jestine comes in. She was trained to take Cas' place as hunter. Jestine is cool and she and Cas become friends. In the end of the book she figures out a way for her to become what the Order wants and in the process they will leave Cas alone.
Im not gonna say more about the ending because I don't wanna give anything way.

Once last note tho. Even though I loved the book, to me, it was a completely unnecessary sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood. There really wasn;t any need for the book to be written except for the fact that at the end of Anna Dressed in Blood the author aludes to a sequel in the last chapter. The last chapter could have been written with a definate closing which would of made Anna Dressed in Blood an amazing standalone. But alas it was not to be