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What She Left Behind

What She Left Behind - Tracy Bilen This book was good. Its about a girl, Sara and her mom trying to escape her abusive father. On the day her mother told Sara to meet her during her school lunch to run away, Sara stays at the meeting spot the Dairy Dream but her mother never shows up. Now Sara has to find out what her father did to her mother.

This book made me angry and made me want to kill her father. His physical and verbal abuse was the reason that Sara's brother Matt killed himself. Then he has the nerve to slam her mother into the wall and tell her that Matt's suicide was her fault. Sara's family lived in a small town in Michigan. Her father was an ex-police officer and was friends with the cops in the small town. Sara even remembered that when her mother went to report the abuse, the cop she talked to was Sara's dad's friend and told her mother to go home and cut him some slack. What an asshole. By the end of the book nothing happens to him but finally when everyone knew about her father, I would have complained about him and get his dumb ass fired.

Now that Sara's mom has disappeared she is the punching bag for her father. However even though all these things are happening, a guy named Alex starts showing interest in her and she falls for him too. In the end when Sara's father abducts her, Her friend Zach (who looks like Matt) and her mother, Alex follows them and helps save her and her family, getting beaten and choked by her dad in the process.

The only thing lacking in this book was the reason why her dad became abusive. From Sara's memories he dad wasn't always abusive. Ever since her father's partner go shot on the job and they moved to Michigan he became abusive. Apparently, from her memories, her father seemed to be controlling but not abusive. And the book kept mentioning the partner's death and internal affairs. What about the internal affairs? Why were they involved? What happened. Nothing was mentioned about her father's apparent nervous breakdown and his decreased mental faculites, when he was acting like Matt was still alive and when he thought Zach was Matt. These are things that would have strengthen the story.