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Fated (Soul Seekers)

Fated - Alyson Noel this book was ok. It was interesting to read about the spirit animals and I like how the Native American folklore and the spanish folk lore were woven into the book.

That being said this book was wayyyy to long with nothing really happening in it. I really didn't like Daire. She was whiny and annoying. She was also kinda slutty when she mentions all the hook ups she had during the many movie sets she's been to. When she starts getting the visions that are her seeker powers emerging she freaks out when her mother sends her to live with her grandmother. I mean yes I know she doesn't know her but hell I'd try anything to get the visions of GLOWING people and SEVERED HEADS ON STAKES to stop showing up. Of course when she gets to her grandmothers house she tried to run away like a stupid and gets hit by a car. Duh.

Anyway I really didn't care for the way she talked to her mother. It showed how childish she was when she was thinking she was acting like an adult. Jennika shoulda smacked her in her face..I know I would of.

Anyway the whole book was alot of nothing. I'm still not really clear what a seeker is and what they do.. the book didn't even really explain that well and the whole book is about Daire being a seeker. There are no real explainations as to what all her powers are and how she is supposed to use them. The "worlds" which her grandmother tells her about are not fully explained. Although I did like Paloma, she annoyed the hell out of me with her cryptic sayings and everything was "You'll find out soon enough". Gimme a freaking break.

I don't really understand how Dace and Cade and their family play into the book. I think the author just added them so there would be a bad guy to fight. While I did like Dace to me he wasn't really hot and he didn't have a major role in the book for Daire to fall madly in love with him. In fact when reading the description of how Dace looked like, I immediately though of my cousin (who has some Inca in him..he looks native american like Dace) which turned me off. and what the hell does it mean that Dace is the echo?

Idunno The book would have been better if the author didn't try to cram so much stuff into one book. Oh, and it would have been better if stuff actually HAPPENED in the book.