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Body & Soul (A Ghost and the Goth Novel)

Body & Soul - Stacey Kade This was a good ending to a trilogy. This book goes on to show how Alona is coping with Lily's body and Lily's life. Alona feels pressured to be Lily because everyone in Lily's family expects her to remember things that the real Lily would remember. Will was no help either. I didnt like how he was acting towards Alona while she was in Lily's body. He was kinda mean to her and he totally flipped when Alona made changes to Lily's body and became Ally. I guess in this book, I was on Alona's side because the body she was inhabiting wasn't hers and it had to be hard to see someone else in the mirror. I personally liked that she gave Lily a makeover.

The other ghost (I can't remember her name) pissed me off royally especially when she possessed Lily's body and threw Alona out. Personally after what she did to her brother and what she did in her afterlife as a ghost, I think she should have been sent to hell instead of into the light. But that's just my opinion lol.

Again, great ending. Alona made the ultimate sacrifice by re-possessing Lily's body instead of going into the light. She makes the ultimate self sacrifice to do this. This makes her Ally permanetly. I think the ending was good and leaves the imagination open to the possibilities that Will and Ally both have now that Alona has a body. I'm so glad they end up together too, even though I could do without Alona being in Lily's body. It would have been better if the light made Alona coporeal or something but whatever. I still like the book :D