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Harbinger - Sara Wilson Etienne This book was a mind fuck. I really don't have an opinion on it besides that it was weird and really confusing. First it starts out with a kid, Faye, who ends up in a institution school b/c of her hallucinations then it ends up becoming a weird mix of supernatural powers and ancient civilization god-like people who are reborn into new bodies.

I really couldn't get into it and the ending was really confusing. Although I like the reading the part about the great civilization that lived in Maine 4000 years ago (based on the Red Paint People of Maine) and the powers they had. The myth of those people (seen thru Faye's eyes as she remembers who she was 4000 years ago) and the power over the Earth they had was fascinating. I also liked the part with the tarot cards and the hidden message they held. They were creepy to read

The love affair was ehh and it was kinda insta-love when the characters of Faye and Kel were themselves and not the godlike beings they become in the end. I understood the love story between Faye and Kel when they were the gold-like beings because they were in love with each other 4000 years ago and their love stayed.

The whole concept of the god-like beings going into another body was confusing. Faye kept thinking this like "I am the Harbinger, not Faye" or "I left Faye behind" or "Faye can't but the Harbinger can". You never really got a clear sense if the harbinger (god-like being) was an entity by itself and just used a girl named Faye's body or if Faye is the harbinger reincarnated. While recalling who she was 4000 years ago Faye refers to herself in that time as "I" or "me" but during the whole chaos of her trying to destroy the world she made it seem like her and the harbinger were two different enities where the harbinger was, for lack of a better word, possessing her. The same goes for Kel and her Holbrook Family. Does she, Faye really love Kel or is it the harbinger's love for the boy that is in Kel's body play onto it? Or has that boy completely taken over Kel, the harbinger taken over Faye and the other god-like being taken over her friends? It's really confusing and then ending doesn't clarify who these people are now.