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Glass Heart

Glass Heart - Amy Garvey CONTAINS SPOLIERS

Where to begin? This book was ehh for me. I felt that it was a complete unnecessary sequel to Cold Kiss. Cold Kiss would of been a fine stand alone book.

I guess the reason that I didn't really like the book was because I can't stand Wren. She's annoying, whiny and a coward who runs away from her problems. I guess you could say the whole premise of the book is her finding out her and testing her powers and her boyfriend Gabriel, who is kinda against that.

First off, she had a boyfriend already? Wasn't she so heartbroken over Danny's death and the fact that she had to send the zombified Danny back to the dead? Guess she didn't care that much since she jumped right into Gabriel's arms. Throughout the book Wren uses her powers for kinda stupid things and Gabriel is worried about her and basically tells her to stop using them at least until she finds out more information about them. She gets mad at this and instead of listening to Gabriel she goes to hang out with shady witches who use their power in the open and are no good. Hmmm yeah she makes good choices.

What bothered me most is that she keeps saying how she learned her lesson from the whole Danny situation but obviously she didn't since she's wandering around with the "bad" guys and doing magic in the open. And to top it all off she gets mad at Gabriel so many times in the book when all he's trying to do is help and when he is usually right about everything. But no, she had to be a whiny brat and try to prove that she can handle everything by herself. When she can't, who does she always run back to? That's right- Gabriel. I don't know why Gabriel puts up with her- she clearly doesn't deserve him.

My other problem with this book is that nothing really happens. There is no plot except for Wren discovering her powers and her incessant talking and mood swings. Sure a missing boy was thrown into the mix but it certainly wasn't the focus of the book and in the end nothing came of it. The bad guy who killed the kid, who was one of the witches Wren hung out with, disappears and is never brought to justice.

Wren is a very selfish character. While she was supposed to be watching her best friend perform, she invites the bad witches to join her, so that Gabriel can use his psychic abilities on the guy, Bay. I mean come on. That was an incredible stupid idea and I can't believe Gabriel let her do that. How could she not think that something bad would happen. Of course it does- Bay puts a curse on Gabriel who almost dies and Wren misses half of her friend's performance. That was such a selfish move on her part that almost gets the boyfriend she loves so much killed. Way to go Wren.

The only saving grace of the book was Gabriel. I really liked him and it made me upset the way Wren treated him throughout the whole book. Instead of talking to Gabriel about her magic and how he feels about it, all she does is get pissed off and stops talking to him for days. Talk about running away from your problems. Gabriel is stupid for going back to Wren again and again. He's too good for her.

I also didn't like how all the "action" scenes were hyped up and then they just end at the end of the chapter. Then in the next chapter we have to hear Wren recap what happened. Talk about anti-climatic.

Any who, this book was not my cup of tea. However if there is another book in the series, I will read it to see how much farther this train wreck can go. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.