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Megan 3

Megan 3 - Mary Hooper This was a good ending to a trilogy.

This book takes place 10 months after Megan 2. Megan is almost 17 and Jack is one year old.

When I first heard of George (Megan's mom's boyfriend/fiancee)I immediately didn't like him. As I read further I really didn't like him at all. When he hit Jack, I had mixed feelings about the way Megan handled it. I liked how she called him out on it but I also felt that she was way too calm about it (Calm as in crying and upset but not furious). If some jack ass hit my kid, they would have had to call the police to get me off of that person. I was beat the shit out of them to the point of killing them. I would just see red. That may not be the best situation but that's how I am. I was soooo angry when George hit Jack, I wanted to deck him.

In the book I like how Megan has really stepped up and takes good care of Jack by herself. I liked how she still goes to school while taking care of Jack and finally realizing at the end that first and foremost shes a mom.