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Megan 2

Megan 2 - Mary Hooper this book was ok. It was about what happened to Megan after the baby was born. She had alot of growing up to do in this book because now she has to take care of her baby who she named Jack. The book shows all the hardships a young mother goes through to take care of her baby. Megan is still a young teenager so she spends alot of the time sorting out her feelings in the book. On one hand she loves Jack and is glad to have him but on the other hand she wants to go out with her friends and go to school but she can't. She becomes very lonely and bored being at the house all day.

Just like I thought, Claire is a drop dead friend. Now that Megan has a baby, Claire dropped her like a hot potato. She never calls Megan or visits her or Jack. Some friend. And to top it off she likes Luke (Whose Jack's father). I mean come on. Some things are off limits. What a hoe. Like I said before she doesn't deserve Megan's friendship and I hope she's completely out of Megan's life in the last book. I don't think so tho because Megan is kinda desperate for friends, even crappy ones.

The whole thing with Mark and liking him seemed far fetched. It made Megan look whorish. I mean she just popped out a baby and she's already looking for a new boyfriend? Anyway as soon as Megan saw him, I knew he was Megan's Aunt Lorna's baby that she gave away. It was kinda obvious, to me anyway.

The book is a good book but not as good as the first one. Lets see how book three is.....