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Megan - Mary Hooper Spoilers

I liked this book. I liked how it deals with the strain on families that teenage pregnancy has. Some of the books I've read before about a pregnant teen include supportive families. I liked how in this book, Megan's mother wasn't supportive about Megan's pregnancy because it gives us another view on how hard it is for some girls who do not get the support they need from their families. However, I really didn't like Megan's mom- I felt she boardered on verbal abuse towards Megan especially the names she calls her after she found out she was pregnant.

I didn't really like Claire because she seemed to enjoy the trouble that Megan was in. She was way to eager to tell everyone about Megan and that's just evil. Shes mean and I just really don't get why Megan doesn't just drop her. She's done more bad/annoying things to Megan during her time of need, which shows that she's not a good friend.

I like how Megan flip flops between adoption and keeping the baby. This is a big decision for her and I do like how she's unsure of herself because lets be honest alot of teen mothers and even non teen mothers sometimes face this hard decision. This isn't a one two three decision. This is life alerting and the mother has to be able to deal with her feelings after she's made her decision. I really enjoyed the ending where Megan feels the instant connection with her baby and decides to keep it because I've heard that that is a real feeling when mothers hold their babies for the first time.

Luke was ok. I liked how he wasn't an ass-hat about Megan's pregnancy and saying that it wasn't his. He was stepping up to do the right thing. He even offered to give her money for the baby so he's a good guy in my book in that aspect.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can't wait to read the next two