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Arcadia Awakens (Arcadia Awakens - Trilogy)

Arcadia Awakens - Kai Meyer The book was great. It was a great mix of paranormal shape-shifters, greek mythology and mafia all rolled into one book. A lot of deaths tho and that suprised me. There's usually not a lot of violence in teen books but I guess there has to be in this book since the mafia plays a heavy part in it.

The book as a little slow at first but since its the beginning a trilogy, it gave a lot of background. There was some decent action as well.

I didn't really like the character of Rosa tho. She seemed too...whinny and tried to hard to be tough. She also makes some stupid choices in the book like listening the Capo (Hello head mafia boss here..its not like he can be trusted) and at the end when she goes to the "end of the world" because she thinks that Zoe needs help. Even I saw through that one. After all she's been thorough in the book up to that point should of clued her in that she was being set up. Duh. However, she did grow on me, so I can tolerate her and continue the series. Perhaps as the series goes on I'll like her better.

I like the love story between the characters because it wasn't insta-love and Rosa wasn't all like "Ok I'm totally gonna trust you and Kiss me Now". Alessandro had to earn her trust and she had to feel comfortable with herself around him before she kissed him. That's another point in her direction.