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Envy (Empty Coffin)

Envy - Gregg Olsen I didn't really like this book. for me it was really boring and I had to push my way through it.

I didn't really connect with the twins, Hailey and Taylor. They were immature and said stupid things that I have never heard a real teenager say. And what was up with the way they texted, emailed and Im'ed people. No teenager writes like that or uses those abbrevations for words. I wonder what teenagers the author is basing his characters on.

I didn't like how there were like 100 different POV's in every chapter and sometimes there were multiple POVs at one time. It was really confusing and it made the story go all over the place. And I didn't like all the filler sentences that describe or talk about things/memories that did not pertain to the plot at all.

As for the ending, I was like WTF! I read all this for that ending? It was completely unsatisfying. All the drama scenes were not dramatic at all.

Sadly I will not be continuing the series as it really was a waste of my time.