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Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom - Tera Lynn Childs This book was awesome. The plot was really really good. I liked how the three sisters are huntresses of mythological monsters. I love greek and roman mythology and this book has a great mix of that. I love books that incorporate mythology and this one did it so well and did it so it was not overwhelming.

I have to say I really liked all the characters in the book. I loved that Gretchen is a kick ass heroine who battles monsters everyday. Shes like a mythological Buffy. I liked how Grace is totally accepts her new destiny and is trying to change so that she can be more tough. At first I was ehh about Greer because of her snotty attitude but in the end of the book she won me over.

I also liked Thane's character and how quiet he is. I feel like the author didn't reveal much about him because he has a bigger role to play in the other books of the series. Milo was cute and I liked how He and Grace are becoming more than friends. I also liked Nick and how much of a pain in the ass he is for Gretchen. I think it was good for the author to incorporate him in for Gretchen because she's had a hard life and its nice to see her let her defenses down around him.

I also loved how the girls are the descendants of Medusa. Medusa gets a bad rep. in mythology so its nice to read about her being something other than a monster. It was great to see that the girls each got a special ability based on one of the three gorgan sisters. I liked how Medusa's immortal sisters are in the book because in mythology they are not really mentioned during the medusa myth or after it. Its refreshing to read about them and to see how the author creates their characters.

I also liked all the monsters in the book. They weren't the same kinds of monsters over and over again. There were classic ones like the Hydra, the Griffin and the Minotaur as well as other that I didn't really know about like the Sea Draecena and the hybrid monsters.

The ending was awesome. I loved how the sisters teamed up to fight the Manticore and Greer who was the most resistant sister about their destiny was the one to send it back to the prison. I liked how in the end she agreed to train with Grace and Gretchen. The sister hug at the end of the book was so touching and emotional that I felt like I wanted to run upstairs and hug my own sister lol. The book leaves with a cliffhanger that keep you wanted more. I will definately be reading the second book in this series.