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Unleashed (Wolf Spring Chronicles)

Unleashed - Nancy Holder, Debbie ViguiƩ so this book took me so long to read. I guess the reason why is because it was really slow in the beginning. Oh and the fact that the main character Kaitlyn annoyed the F*** out of me.

She was just dumb and really really whinny in the first five chapters. All she did was say things like

"I want to go home"
'I don't want to be here"
"This is only temporary until I can get back to L.A."
"This can't be happening"

She said these things over and over and over throughout the first five chapters. It was soo annoying and too much. Yeah I get it that you want to go home. I don't need to be reminded every other line. And she cried for everything. I was like OMG!

I do have to say that the two guys in the book Trick and Justin are hot. Usually in books where there are two guys I usually pick one over the other within a matter of seconds from reading about them. But in this book I like both of them and if I were Kaitlyn I wouldn't know who to pick. I'm leaning more towards Trick but we'll have to see what happens in the second book. And Kaityln is such a bitch to him that I wish he would tell her to F*** off.

I like Cordelia too. She's a good friend for Kaitlyn and I like how she's a werewolf.

The plot was goo too. Like I said before it was slow in the beginning but it picked up when Kaitlyn got bit. Then all the werewolf mythology, all the juicy stuff happened and Kaitlyn may not be a werewolf but a whole new kind of monster. I will read the second book to see what happens.