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Meridian - Amber Kizer I really liked this book. I liked the idea of a Fenestra and it was interesting to read about even though the author still has more questions to answer about fenestras. I liked how Meridian goes from being a scared little girl in the beginning into a strong woman who accepts her power.

I like the romance between Meridian and Tens even though it was obvious that they were going to end up together. I like how Tens is human and is her protector even thought she's the supernatural one.

I also liked Auntie. She was loving, caring and a tough cookie. She reminded me of my grandma. I liked how she called Meridian "Little One". I almost cried when she died. It was so sad. I liked how Charles was waiting for her when she died.

I also liked Custos. She was cute and I like the way she was a protector of all the characters.

The story itself was interesting. It was kind of obvious that the pastor was the Aternocti though.