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Wyvernhail: The Kiesha'ra: Volume Five

Wyvernhail - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Ok This book was weird and confusing. I didn't like the character of Hai. She evoked no emotion from me except dislike. I could have cared less if she had died during the book (which she didnt). Half the time I didn't even understand what I was reading and had to reread the same passages over and over. There was too much myth in this book that got slammed into its pages, that should have be delved out throughout the course of the series. The constant visions that Hai has are confusing and start to get a little bit annoying. And when Hai declared herself Queen of the serppiente? Oh no I was not happy and I did not like how the author portrayed Zane and Danica during that scene or how their people reacted to them.
By this book I was just reading it to see how the series ended. The last three books of this series just wasn't up to par with how Amelia Atwater Rhodes writing and stories are. She is such a good author and I love all her other books but these just weren't as amazing as the other ones. I really like the first two book of this series "Hawksong" and "Snakcharm" and I think she should have stopped this series with those two books. That's just my opinion