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The Ghost and the Goth (Ghost and the Goth Novels)

The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade I love this book. I don't know why. Its nothing really special but for some reason it hooked me in. I really like the character of Alona who is the Queen bee at her high school until she dies and comes back as a ghost and finds out that almost everyone hated her. It was funny to see her transition from nasty to caring about others. I loved how her rude her comments were and that when she began to disappear because of them, she had to say something nice. It was like it physically hurt her to say nice things about people. I also liked how you see her and Will, who hated each other while Alona was alive, start to care and fall in love once she was a ghost- which is what I call Ironic.

Which brings me to Will. I really liked his character and how he's the one who could seem to get Alona to act like a human. I like how in the beginning he was horrified to have her around him. But I liked how, even though he didn't like her, he tried to help her. His ghost talking abilities were cool to read about but lets just say I'm glad I don't have his life. lol

The ending to the book was great too.. a perfect segue into the next book.