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Darkness Becomes Her

Darkness Becomes Her - Kelly Keaton I liked this book because of the mythology and the paranormal aspects. I liked how the main character was different looking, was able to kick ass and had a potty mouth with a non-sugar coating personality. I also really liked Violet.

However there were a few things I did not like in the book.

1. I didnt like the way the author kept describing Sebastian's red lips. That just gave me the image of a guy with a clown mouth- not hot at all.

2. I didnt like the way Athena was portrayed. She is supposed to be the goddess of war but not of blood and carnage. She was more of the goddess of stragetic war and wisdom. I didnt like how they made her evil. There were many other gods or goddesses who could of fit this role. Hera for example was nasty to lots of women even tho it was for good reason.

3. I didnt like how the all powerful, almighty and ancient Athena used the word Fuck. For real? It just didn't sound right coming from her.

Besides these things the book was good. Not my favorite but good.